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December 2011


The Clown Who Cried, Season 2 - 1953

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Bar 20, with Robert Mitchum

Mr. Mitchum had this to say about George in his autobiography titled
“Robert Mitchum: Baby I don’t Care”

“George Reeves, a young hero type with baby-smooth skin and chiseled features on a Charles Atlas figure. He was going to play a Mexican peon in the movie. Harry (Sherman) had seen him in “Gone With the Wind”, one of the Tarleton Twins chewing the fat with Scarlett O’Hara. A big break like that, and here he was, three years later happy with day work on a Hopalong. I wondered where that left me with my broken nose mug, unshaven cheeks looking like a squirrel's ass.”

August 2011

The Girl Who Hired Superman - 1955, episode #72

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June 2011

Multiple Choice Question:

What is Inspector Henderson and Clark Kent searching for under the rug?

A) Captain Blood's buried treasure.

B) Stolen money by Lank Garrett.

C) Two mysterious bullet holes in the floor.


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Clark Kent's response: "Chief, do you happen to own warm clothing?"






 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"