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Paul Burgio of Modesto, California

What was your first reaction to George Reeves and/or the Superman series?

I was completely mesmerized this man on who could leap, fly, and land with such grace and power– this man who was warm and compassionate yet was ruthless toward those who would break the law or hurt others. It was around 1962 & I was 7 at the time. I remember donning my underwear & tee shirt, and since we owned no red linen bath towels, I pinned a rust-colored to the shoulders. I would run and leap onto the couch from the farthest point in the living room. Mostly, though, I liked walking around the house feeling the “cape” on the back of my knees.

What are your 10 favorite episodes?

  • The Golden Vulture
  • Night of Terror
  • Case of the Talkative Dummy
  • Riddle of the Chinese Jade
  • The Unknown People
  • The Seven Souvenirs
  • The Stolen Costume
  • Mystery In Wax
  • The Dog Who Knew Superman
  • Jimmy The Kid

What are some of you favorite scenes from the series?

In “Night of Terror” Baby Face Stevens is removing all but 3 bullets from his gun and has a wicked grin on his face, which then turns to a menacing scowl. I’ve imagined myself in the shoes of his potential victims, and it is a genuinely frightening moment. Moments later, when Superman crashes through the roof, he grabs Stevens’ gun-hand and we hear three rapid-fire shots through the ceiling. Great stuff!

In “Riddle of the Chinese Jade” when Greer is holding Lois at gunpoint and asks her, “Who’s the guy in the circus suit?” Lois tells him and he says, “This time he’s not so super, is he?” Lois shifts her eyes and says, “Wait and see.” At that moment the expression on her face is classic. What follows is one of my favorite takeoffs, landings, and rescue scenes of the series.

The following exchange in “Unknown People”: “Whoever fired that shot came close to killing Miss Lane. Obviously none of you can be trusted with guns, so I’m going to take them away from you.” Several shots are fired from a pistol. Superman looks at the gun with just the hint of a smile. Then his smile turns to contempt as he swipes the pistol and proceeds to disarm the mob.

In “Mystery in Wax” the moment Clark realizes that the curtain is about to go up, revealing the Perry White death figure and Lois restrains him. Usually, when he utilizes his x-ray vision, we see what he sees. In this scene, we just see the expression of concern and alarm on his face, and that is very powerful to me.

I like the expression on Superman’s face as Perry White introduces him in “Crime Wave”.

"Case of the Talkative Dummy" is from beginning to end a great story – actors are perfectly cast as their character. The nuance of musical transition from the moment the rope snaps and Superman leaps from the alley is excellent.

What interesting mistakes or inside jokes have you detected?

There are too many to enumerate, however when George steps into the jalopy in "Panic in the Sky," you can see the heavy shoulder padding in his sport coat. In "Riddle of the Chinese Jade" when Greer hits Superman over the head with his gun, it bends. Hmmm…it would take more force than a mortal man has to bend the barrel of a gun on any object. Of course, the infamous wire from which the asteroid is suspended in "Panic in the Sky." These add to the overall charm of the show however, and in no way detract from the storytelling elements, in my opinion.

Aside from Superman/Kent, who was your favorite character on the show and why?

Perry White. I’ve always enjoyed his edginess throughout the series, which was at turns dramatic and comical.

How do you view the series today, as an adult, differently from when you were a child?

I enjoy the series today as much as, if not more than I did as a child. I appreciate immensely Superman’s clear-cut decisiveness in any given situation. Also, who we are in private is who we really are. The strength of character and integrity he displays both publicly and privately are attributes that are worthy to be emulated.

Why have you continued to watch the series and why do you consider yourself a George Reeves fan?

The series is truly uplifting and timeless. At this writing, I have only seen George’s roles in Gone With the Wind and From Here to Eternity. During his lifetime, I understand that his desire was for adults to appreciate his work. Well, Mr. Reeves has given us more thrills, memories and enjoyment from this show than he could have ever imagined and I’d like to think that he’d be pleased.

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"