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Celebration 2023

July 29, 2023
The Garland
4222 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood

In early 2020 I started to organize a third luncheon for the faithful. At the time it was my intention for us to gather together in Los Angeles the following year. It seemed appropriate, after all, to meet in the summer of 2021 to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Adventures of Superman, for it was in July through October of 1951 that Superman and the Mole-Men and the first episodes of series were produced. Almost immediately, however, because of the pandemic, those plans were abandoned.

And so, it was not until three years later that Celebration 2023 came to be. On July 29 approximately ninety friends from as far away as Massachusetts gathered for a luncheon and program at The Garland Hotel in North Hollywood where we once again celebrated the life and times of George Reeves.

Additionally, a few hours before the luncheon on that beautiful morning, we formed a caravan to drive 20 miles south to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. It was there that the scenes featuring Lester Dorr in “The Mind Machine” were filmed on August 7, 1951. Although we were not allowed to actually place a plaque at that spot, we did the next best thing: “Lester Dorr Day” buttons were distributed, and a replica of a plaque was dedicated at the spot where “Clark Kent” ducked behind a shed to emerge as Superman. The buttons and plaque were designed and provided by Brad Shey.

Back at The Garland, luncheon guests began to arrive in the El Camino room at 11:00. Each guest received a program and a commemorative coin designed by Randy Garrett and provided to us through the generosity of Dana Pless.

Special guests included Jim Beaver, Michael Chasteen, John Doucette, Lauren Dow, Gary Grossman, Janet Hamilton and family, Greg and Sandy Moffett, David Narz, Janine Perreau, Morgan and Adam Siebert, and Beverly Washburn. (A complete guest list appears at the end of this page.)

I introduced the program with these words:

George Reeves was often called “the people’s friend.” He liked that title, and for some of us he has been that friend for as long as seventy-years. Folks sometimes suggest that he’s remembered only because he played Superman on television … as if that’s of only some minor import. But it’s not that simple. It’s not just that he played Superman ... it’s how he played the character. His smile warmed our souls. In fact, to borrow from “Superman On Earth,” many of us think he played the role to the “absolute peak of human perfection.” That smile let us know we could always count on him. The passing years have made no difference. He truly was … and still is … George Reeves, our friend.

Speakers at the luncheon were: Jim Beaver, Scott Bleiberg, Michael Chasteen, Bruce Dettman, Gary Grossman, Vince Marzo, Greg Moffett, Janine Perreau, Don Rhoden, and Beverly Washburn.

During the course of the afternoon Peter Murano favored the group with a trivia contest. Several videos (including a scene from “The Evil Three” featuring the talents of Dana Pless) were viewed. Prizes, compliments of Dick Stammer, Brad Shey, and Phil Dockter, were awarded. Brad Shey also presented commemmorative plaques to Janine Perreau, Beverly Washburn, Greg Moffett, and Michael Chasteen.

The program concluded with a few appropriate words from Jack Larson (thanks to a video recording) and a touching video tribute from Brad Shey. After the program there was ample time for guests to view items on display and to see, up close, two orginial George Reeves Superman costumes brought to us by Morgan and Adam Siebert of the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois.

Attending Guests:
Alexander Abcarius
Lisa Abcarius
Christopher Allport
Jim Beaver
Paul Blake
Irene Bleiberg
Scott Bleiberg
Debbie Bolger
Kevin Bolger
Jeff Breslauer
Randy Carlson
Jorge Casales
Michael Chasteen
Mike Clark
Greg Coben
Rick Collins
Toni Collins
Naomi Connors
Arno Copenhaver
Britt Copenhaver
Jared Copenhaver
Lisa Copenhaver
Bill Cotter
Bruce Dettman
Phil Dockter
John Doucette
Lauren Dow
Gavin Frederick
Larry Gatasso
Sandy Gatasso
Downing Godbold
Michael Goldman
Shoshie Goldman
Teri Goldman
Gary Grossman
Janet Hamilton
Jeff Houtteman
Jenny Jenkins
Bruce Kanin
Peter Koch
Diana Lorenzi
Larry Lorenzi
Vincent Lorenzi
Gail McIntyre
Vince Marzo
Jody McGhee
Elsa Murano
Peter Murano
Robert Murano
Jim Nolt
John O’Keefe
Greg Moffett
Sandy Moffett
David Narz
Janine Perreau
Jim Phillips
Dana Pless
Amanda Prince
Michael Prince
Barbara Rew
Mark Rew
Don Rhoden
Helen Romano
Steve Romano
Charlie Rose
Vincent Roth
Bruce Scivally
Adam Siebert
Morgan Siebert
Steve Shapllo
Brad Shey
Marcia Shey
Rick Spector
Richard Stammer
Bianca Torrence
Mark Waldman
Jim Walsh
Teresa Walsh
Beverly Washburn
Randy West
Linda Zuckerman
Paul Zuckerman


Jim Nolt and Beverly Washburn

Beverly Washburn and Janine Perreau

Bruce Dettman relates tales about Phyllis Coates

Gary Grossman, Brad Shey, Jim Nolt, Jim Beaver

Atop Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook – Brad Shey, Lisa Copenhaver, Jim Nolt, Gary Grossman

Janine Perreau, Beverly Washburn, Greg Moffett

Brad Shey, John Doucette, Janine Perreau, Beverly Washburn, Greg Moffett, Jim Nolt

Irene Bleiberg, Janine Perreau, Scott Bleiberg

Thanks to Morgan & Adam Siebert

Supreme Council Members
Scott Bleiberg Mike Goldman Vince Marzo
Dana Pless
Steve Shapllo Brad Shey Richard Stammer

Posted August 6, 2023
Jim Nolt

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