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TAC, Jr. #53
The Adventures Continue
with George Reeves

November, 2003

Al Eben, Big Ed Bullock in "Crime Wave" passed away this past July. Born in Philadelphia on March 11, 1915, Eben appeared in a number of films and television shows beginning in the 1940. In addition to Superman, Eben appeared in Petticoat Junction and the Beverly Hillbillies. He last appeared in a 199 episode of Everybody Loves Raymond as a lodge member in "Frank's Tribute." Eben was 88.

Jim Beaver is a writer, actor, and George Reeves fan. I'm sure many of you saw him on a couple of the entertainment news magazines when they presented segments on George Reeves' death. You may also have seen him on Unsolved Mysteries in 1995. Jim has appeared in several films and television shows including the recent The Life of David Gale and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in an episode called "I'm Looking Through You," one reminiscent of "The Phantom Ring" from 1955. Jim was thrilled two years ago when he became a father for the first time. He sent me pictures and bragged about his wonderful daughter. Movie and television roles were becoming more frequent. But about two weeks ago, Jim wrote to tell me that his wife Cecily is being treated for a type of non-small-cell lung cancer known as adenoma. It has spread to her sternum, lower spine, and hip bones. Cecily, by the way, is the daughter of Get Smart star, Don Adams. She is a fighter, and she has the determination to defeat her disease. Still, both she and Jim can use words of encouragement. Jim's e-mail address is Please don't bombard him with long messages, but if you'd like to send brief words of encouragement, please do.

3) Noel Neill -
Noel is continuing her whirlwind tour of the United States making personal appearances wherever she goes. Please check her schedule for the rest of November at "The Adventures Continue" website. Last Saturday, when she was in New Jersey, my former wife and I had dinner with her and Larry Ward, author of Truth, Justice & The American Way: The Life and Times of Noel Neill, The Original Lois Lane. We were joined by Lou Koza, John Sheridan, George McGaffin, Steve Randisi, and Joe Desano. You can see photos from that event on the Yahoo Group site.

Noel Neill will be John Rothmann's guest on KGO Newstalk Radio from San Francisco on November 15 at 1:00 am (Pacific Time). Then at 5:00 am (Pacific Time) on November 16, yours truly will be Rothmann's guest as he continues his discussion about George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman. You may listen to John Rothmann's program via the Internet at .

The Adventures Continue wishes Noel Neill a very Happy 83rd birthday on November 24. May she continue her adventures and bring joy to our hearts for years to come.

The next exciting chapter of Randy Garrett's Superman and the Secret Planet will be posted on The Adventures Continue website on November 15. Join with the Man of Steel as he wages war against the forces of evil. There's trilling adventure and tense excitement in the next chapter of Superman and the Secret Planet.

All contents (c) 2003 by Jim Nolt.

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