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Thank You

April, 2004

Dear friends of my grandpa,

Thanks for helping me with my school project. I liked to read the cards you sent, and I couldn't believe all the things that were in the log when it came back to school. I learned a lot about different cities and states. My grandpa says you are all super friends.



I liked to read the stories and look at the gifts and picture cards.

I really liked the Kansas flag and apple cookbook.

The postcards were fun to read too.

Because you helped with this project, Brittany received more than a few nice gifts and cards and learned a lot about geography. More importantly, however, I think she also learned about the value of good friends. Your willingness to help and your generosity are appreciated and impressive. Thanks so very much.

The Legion of Super Friends

1) Randy Garrett -- Franklin, TN
2) Don Holmes -- Daly City, CA
3) Mike Liguori -- Las Vegas, NV
4) Lou Koza -- W Babylon, NY
5) Colin Duff -- Glenfield, NSW, Australia
6) Michael Goldman -- Scottsdale, AZ
7) Curt James -- Carlisle, PA
8) David Orbach -- Palm Beach Gardens, FL
9) Armand Vaquer -- Tarzana, CA
10) Dan Simons -- Dover Plains, NY
11) Michael Hayde -- Manassas, VA
12) Vince Marzo -- Glendale, CA
13) Mark Anderson -- Haverhill, MA
14) Larry Schwab -- Phoenix, AZ
15) Paul Stutts -- Greensboro, NC
16) Tom Chenevert -- Dunstable, MA
17) Jeff Minich -- Cleveland, OH
18) Don Brigham -- Derby, KS

19) Paul Costello -- Monroe, MI
20) Phyllis Adams-Inman -- Mount Upton, NY
21) Alvin Chu -- Briarwood, NY
22) Don Hurley -- Egg Harbor Township, NJ
23) Walter Miller -- Randolph, MA
24) Phil Gallo -- Palm Beach Gardens, FL

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"