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Who are the fans of George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman? Why, more than 50 years after its television debut, do we continue to watch? Through the years I've discussed this with many people and have now decided to invite fans of George Reeves to put their thoughts in writing for this page. If you'd like to contribute, give the following questions some thought and e-mail your answers to me. I'll post them here so we can compare our thoughts and reinforce our devotion to George Reeves and the entire cast and crew of the Adventures of Superman. In addition to the questions below, there is one other I'd like to include: "If you could meet George today, what would you most want to say to him?" To read about people who actually did meet George Reeves, check out the Close Encounters page.

#4 -- Colete Morlock

What was your first reaction to George Reeves and/or Superman series?
I was only 5 years old back in 1953. As with many who have already shared their reactions, I was young enough to equivocate George as being Superman. When I was 7, I almost got to meet him during a hospitalization for having my tonsils removed. But I went home the day before Thanksgiving, which was the day he visited the sick children there. Every Saturday I would be glued in front of the TV to watch TAOS. He was my first real hero. I wanted to do everything he as Superman told us to do so he would be proud of me. I used to wish so hard that I would one day meet the man who inspired me so.

What are your 10 favorite episodes?

Only 10? This is a toughie because all of them have some great parts to them.

  • Around The World With Superman -- #1 by far!
  • The Stolen Costume
  • Superman in Exile
  • Panic In The Sky
  • The Prince Albert Coat
  • The Wedding of Superman
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Superman's Wife (to see how Lois handles competition)
  • The Mysterious Cube (different entrance other than crashing through walls)
  • The Haunted Lighthouse

Aside from Superman/Kent, who was your favorite character on the show and why?
When you have such a great ensemble cast, it's hard to single one out. I liked Perry White for always trying to keep his reporters on track. Jimmy Olsen could be the typical teenager at his first job, or actively assisting Lois on her assignments. Lois Lane for being the first career-minded role model for women. Noel's portrayal especially showed Lois could be tough and vulnerable at the same time.

How do you view the series today, as an adult, differently from when you were a child?
Back then I only came to know George through Superman. Now Superman shows me the sides of George that I miss the most.

Why have you continued to watch the series and why do you consider yourself a George Reeves fan?
I fell hook, line, and sinker for George Reeves as my first real hero. Throughout the years my respect and admiration of this man's range of acting ability kept growing whenever I would see him in other things besides the Adventures of Superman. Since this series is the one main venue through which to see him more often, I look for the George in Clark.

If you could meet George Reeves today, what would you most want to say to him?
IF I was able to speak, I would want him to know how deeply he was loved for the incredible actor and human being that he was. I'd tell him how many of us have been keeping his memory alive and upholding the values that he stood for. I'd also thank him from an entire generation that there was so much more to the man behind the big red "S".


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