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Today, going forward In Retrospect, by Bruce Dettman will reside at TAC. This feature has been a landmark item at Carl and Leslie Glass' Glass House Present's site for about 5 to 6 years. Carl wrote to me about his new GHP web-site direction and in doing so asked if I was interested in various GHP TAoS / George Reeves features for TAC. After a series of e-mails and a phone conversation, my response was "Yes, of course." But the real credit goes to Jim Nolt, the owner of The Adventures Continue web-site, who had the final approval.

Below are links to the new TAC pages, for which I took the original GHP single page containing over 30 episode retropectives by Bruce and relaxed it into four (4) pages. Another change you will notice is I took the liberty of rearranging and combining 190+ images while still maintaining the commonality of each episode. Thus 190+ images are now reduced to 34. It was a fun challenge to piece the images together, but very labor intensive. It took a week to do all the image conversions, and beginning the second night I was literally seeing these images in my sleep for the rest of the week. But it was the preferred choice rather than create tedious individual sidebar images to text boxes. Placing sidebar images is something I normally like to do with features, but not on the grand scale of 190 images over 34 features. The reason is the phase-in/out of the paragraphs from one text box to the other requires a good amount of compromising and the effort can be tedious. The average amount of images per episode is six (6). In essence, I eliminated the task of half the copy/paste functions and everything that goes with lining them up. For me, creating and enjoying the visuals was much more fun to do. In the end, I think you'll like the result.

You'll also notice I have placed a Warner Brother's logo on each image. Warner's has not asked me to do this. I took this upon myself and have been doing this over the course of the last year or so. I think it's important we remember that the images are gathered from their product. I love the DVD boxsets and I hope sales are successful for all the copyright owners. I hope the images along with Bruce's wonderful tales help stimulate interest for potential buyers.

Most important, I want to mention I've enjoyed all Bruce's In Retrospect articles for a very long time. It is a Wonder Year's (starring Fred Savage) meets the Adventures of Superman. It's a grand marriage made by Bruce's childhood memories. When most people would have wrote a simple recollection of hearing their mother call outside to them that "Superman's on" and running in like the wind not to miss the opening theme, Bruce tells us so much more.

What I find interesting is these episode reflections are the little learnings about life. The messages are subtle, as are the building blocks of one individual's path of leading a good and decent life. If the show itself had a message to its youth, it was (and still is) crime doesn't pay, even if in real life Superman doesn't exist to protect the innocent. While the last sentence is meant to stand alone, let's not forget there's plenty of Inspector Henderson's who do exist should there be any carting away to be done.

Another fascinating aspect of In Retrospect is that I find it worthy of it's own television series. I cannot help but imagine them on a more visual platform. Wouldn't it be great if a smart television producer came along and gave Bruce and his stories this opportunity. No one is more deserving.

While we contemplate the thoughts above, I look forward to new and exciting In Retropect's from Bruce Dettman to place here at TAC. To Carl Glass, thank you for passing this along and good luck with your new direction. TAC is pleased and proud to include this addition.

With a sneak peek before the feature was released to the public, here is what Carl had to say.

The presentation is absolutely brilliant! You've done Bruce and the GR community a five star rated service. I couldn't be more proud of this work. I don't have anymore words, but some tears are welling up right about now. Carl

To begin the journey, see links below.

Lou - March 6, 2011

Night Of Terror (May, 2005)

Runaway Robot (June, 2005)

Ghost Wolf (July, 2005)

Czar Of The Underworld (September, 2005)

The Riddle Of The Chinese Jade (November, 2005)

No Holds Barred (December, 2005)

Treasure Of The Incas (December, 2005)

Superman On Earth (February, 2006)

Mystery In Wax (March, 2006)

The Deserted Village (May, 2006)

The Human Bomb (August, 2006)

The Evil Three (September, 2006)

The Haunted Lighthouse (October, 2006)

Rescue (December, 2006)

The Case of The Talkative Dummy (March, 2007)

The Mind Machine (July, 2007)

Crime Wave (October, 2007)

The Monkey Mystery (December, 2007)

The Unknown People (August, 2008)

The Birthday Letter (December, 2008)

The Stolen Costume (April, 2009)

Mystery Of The Broken Statues (April, 2010)

Double Trouble (February, 2011)

Dagger Island (April, 2013)

The Wedding Of Superman (November 12, 2013)


In Retrospect

The Man In The Lead Mask

The Big Freeze

The Face and the Voice

Panic in the Sky

Beware the Wrecker

Superman in Exile

The Defeat of Superman

The Clown Who Cried

Perry White's Scoop

Five Minutes to Doom

In Retrospect

Divide and Conquer

The Lady in Black

Jungle Devil

My Friend Superman

The Mysterious Cube

Star of Fate

Semi-Private Eye

The Golden Vulture

A Ghost for Scotland Yard.



In Retrospect

Superman Week

The Boy Who Hated Superman

Perils of Superman

Shot in the Dark

Superman's Wife

The Dog Who Knew Superman

The Bully of Dry Gulch

Jet Ace

The Whistling Bird


In Retrospect

Peril By Sea

Peril in Paris

The Seven Souvenirs

The Talking Clue

The Big Squeeze


Olsen's Millions

Around the World with Superman

The Man Who Could Read Minds



In Retrospect

Jimmy The Kid

The Deadly Rock


Money to Burn

Flight to the North 


Jim (April 17, 2013)   

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"