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I’ll do my best. I’ll study up on him real hard …
look all through the files … downstairs ...

And with that, both Randy Sadewater and Steve Rosinski set to work
locating as many mentions of George Reeves as they could find.

And along the way, they found information about others who appeared on the
Adventures of Superman.

This is an ongoing project, and addition articles will be added over time.

Randy Sadewater was raised in central Illinois. He is a former U. S. Army paratrooper,
musician, and Superman fan since first watching the Adventures of Superman
on television when he was four years old.

Steve Rosinski grew up near Boston and began watching the Adventures of Superman
at age five on the local UHF station WSMW-TV, based in Worcester, Massachusetts.
In the 90s Steve moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy and acting.
He currently resides in Dallas where he continues to be a life-long fan of
the original Superman TV series.

And so the years went by … spring melting into summer,
summer into fall … fall into winter …







1946 – Part 1
1946 – Part 2

1947 – Part 1
1947 – Part 2

1957 – Part 1
1957 – Part 2

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"

February 2, 2024