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The Minneapolis Journal
March 14, 1938

Note from Randy Sadewater: Jim, I believe there is a typo in The Minneapolis Journal, Mon, Mar 14, 1938
caption telling about Noel going on vacation with her mom, as they went to "New Mexico" not "Mexico."
The caption says "has left" so we don't know how long they had already been gone,
but according to the
The Albuquerque Tribune, Noel opened at The Blue Ribbon Nite Club on Mar 17.
She would have been 17 going on 18 years old, so her parent or guardian would have
to be present for her to perform in club that served alcohol.

The Albuquerque Tribune
March 17, 1938

The Albuquerque Tribune
March 19, 1938

The Albuquerque Journal
March 27, 1938

The Albuquerque Journal
April 3, 1938

The Arizona Republic
April 9, 1938

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