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By Bruce Dettman

As a bonus additive to the Character Actor's page, Bruce Dettman has offered his time to bring to the readers mini career profiles of the actors who appeared on the Adventures of Superman. It goes without saying TAoS had many of Hollywood's finest supporting character actors. So here, we will learn more about these amazing and wonderful people. Bruce has been a long time fan of the Adventures of Superman and has several wonderful contributions at Glass House Presents. In 2011, his IN RETROSPECT episode guides and memories which resided at GHP for many years is now here at TAC.

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Richard Reeves

Walter Reed

John Kellogg

Philip Pine

Dabbs Greer

Sterling Holloway

Larry Blake

Leonard Mudie

Peter Brocco

Dan Seymore

John Doucette

Aliene Towne

Herb Vigran

Jonathan Hale

Rys Williams

Tristram Coffin

Page 2

Arthur Space

Marshall Reed

Robert Wilke

Anthony Caruso

Myron Healey

Lane Bradford

Frank Richards

Maurice Cass

Billy Nelson

Richard Benedict


Page 3

Russell Johnson

Robert Rockwell

Lou Krugman

Trevor Bardette

Dale Van Sickel

Elisha Cook Jr.

Peter Whitney

Page 4

Virginia Christine


Lou (May 1, 2011)

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