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TAC, Jr. #46
December 8, 2000

I hadn't planned on publishing another newsletter in 2000, but...

Don't forget the Adventures of Superman marathon beginning Saturday morning
at 6:00 AM Eastern Time. A schedule of the episodes being shown can be found
by going to The Adventures Continue .


If you've been reading the past couple issues of TAC, Jr., you know that the
TV Land pages on Superman contained a few mistakes. The comment about Bob
Shayne being a communist was removed quickly, both others remained. Here's
the latest:

a. The TV Land site claims Jack Larson appeared on The Dick Van Dyke Show --
TV Land sites the Internet Movie Database as its source. So, TAC reader Gary
Stark went right to the source. To see a complete exchange of information,
go to . A few days later the changes
were made to IMDb, but TV Land has not changed Jack's bio on their site.

b. Despite several letters from readers of The Adventures Continue, Phyllis
Coates' photo continues to appear atop Noel Neill's bio. TV Land
admits there's a resemblance between the two photos (of course, guys, it's
the same person!), but they are certain the bios are labeled correctly.

c) I thank The Astounding B-Monster for taking up the cause and for the
compliments paid to The Adventures Continue in his latest newsletter. If you
have the opportunity, please visit the B-Monster and tell Marty that Jim sent you.



This from Len Wolinsky of Toronto, Canada --

Hi, Jim:

First, I just want to thank you for the TAC, Jrs. Although I don't respond
much, I always enjoy these newsletters, especially reading about the many
actors who appeared in the series.

I recently bought a Rocky Lane B-Western video. The main reason I chose the
one I did was that Phyllis Coates was the co-star. I was pleasantly
surprised to find that Robert Shayne was also in it -- as a meek villain. He
had some good scenes with Coates. Furthermore, John Hamilton had a small
role at the beginning as a prison warden, but he only appeared with Rocky

This got me thinking about movies with multiple Superman cast members, and
whether my movie with three of them was in any way special. So, I went to
the IMDb ( ) and started searching. Here's what I found:

First, the movie I bought (Marshall of Cedar Rock '53) was indeed unique in
having three cast members.

Pairings I found, with year of release and alternate titles, are:

George Reeves and John Hamilton:
Espionage Agent '39
On Dress Parade (Dead End Kids) '39
Smashing the Money Ring (or Jailbreak or Queer Money) '39
Tear Gas Squad (or State Cop) '40
Man Who Talked Too Much (or Broadway Lawyer or The Sentence) '40

Phyllis Coates and John Hamilton:
El Paso Stampede '53 (Rocky Lane)
Chicago Confidential '57

Robert Shayne and John Hamilton:
Keep 'Em Rolling '34
Mission to Moscow '43
Wife Wanted '46
Criminal Lawyer '51

Robert Shayne and Noel Neill:
Smashup,- The Story of a Woman '47
Forgotten Women '49

Noel Neill and John Hamilton
Standing Room Only '44
James Brothers of Missouri '50

Noel Neill and Phyllis Coates:
Invasion USA '57


Jim, you might be interested to know there is an article on George Reeves
and Superman collectibles in Paper Collectors Marketplace, Vol. 18 #11
(11/00). 470 Main St., PO Box 128, Scandinavia, WI 54977. Also of interest,
I hope, our second volume of Westerns Women (although it won't be published
as that) goes to McFarland this week. Probably 6-8 months down the line
before they publish it. What's of interest is, there are interviews with
both Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill.


All contents (c) 2000 by Jim Nolt.


Happy Holidays to all!

The Adventures Continue...
with George Reeves

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