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It seems that practically everyday I'm reminded, in some fashion or other, of a particular scene of bit of dialogue from the Adventures of Superman. Recently Steve Brant sent an e-mail asking if Inspector Henderson ever used a Nash to help him chase down criminals in Metropolis. The reason for his inquiry? Steve had come across an advertisement for scaled down replicas of various models of the 1952 Nash. The police car in the ad, in particular, caught his attention because he thought if this model had been used in the series, perhaps readers of TAC would be interested in seeing it.

Of course, Nash automobiles were used in many episodes of Superman, but one in particular came to mind. As you can see in the video below, the Nash was favored by crooks and police alike in "The Seven Souvenirs."

YouTube Video

Please note: Neither Steve Brant nor anyone at The Adventures Continue is connected with, and the information presented here is solely for your and our enjoyment.

"The Seven Souvenirs" is part of the Adventures of Superman (Season 3 and 4 Collection) from Warner Home Video.

Jim Nolt
March 1, 2010

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