To the readers of The Adventures Continue:

On April 24, I shipped to RetroVision Magazine what I considered a finished manuscript of the follow-up to Speeding Bullet (Cult Movies #14, 1995). The manuscript was entitled "Heroes Last Forever" and was a revised updated version of Speeding Bullet.

In good faith, I did the perfunctory P.R. motions by providing Jim Nolt an address and a price scale by which "Heroes Last Forever" could be obtained from RetroVision. The magazine was scheduled for July 1998, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Superman character.

After many months of what can only be described as failed negotiations, I have taken "Heroes Last Forever," now once again entitled Speeding Bullet, to publisher Mike Bifulco (author of the successful book, Superman On Television) as a way to provide you with the latest chapter in the life and times of George Reeves.

It is with regret that I leave RetroVision, but their inability to meet announced release dates prohibits me from working with their team.

This book was researched and rewritten from November 1997 to the end of April 1998. There have been over fifty new pages and forty new photos added. My intent on reprising it is to update you, the fans of George Reeves, with information that has been offered me since the first publication of Speeding Bullet back in 1995. It is my hope there are enough thrills, chills, and excitement in this reworked, redone version to attract the long-time Superman fans as well as newcomers interested in the legacy of George Reeves.

Stay tuned to Jim's web site for the release date which, we believe, will be in the first quarter of 1999.

Jan Alan Henderson

The Adventures Continue