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June 19, 1999

Dear Mr. Nolt,

It is with sincere gratitude that I acknowledge a donation from the readers of The Adventures Continue. My volunteers and I are thrilled to accept a check for $1,100 in memory of George Reeves. This tremendous remembrance of such a true legend speaks to the calibre of his fans. Readers of The Adventures Continue are both very thoughtful and most generous.

As a small organization, the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of California has limited sources of funding for its various programs. Because of this, we are especially grateful for past support in 1990 and today's special gift. Please be assured that we will continue our 45-year tradition of keeping our administrative costs low and using our volunteers creatively. We strive to ensure that each dollar we receive maximally benefits people with myasthenia gravis.

We are truly inspired by your group's tremendous concern for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of California. Thank you for allowing us to take part in the excitement generated by the devoted fans of George Reeves.

Warmest regards,

Lois Pedersen
Executive Director
5675 Telegraph Road #230
Los Angeles, California 90040


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