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Suggested books for fans of Superman, the Adventures Of Superman, and George Reeves.

 Superman On Television by Michael Bifulco

Superman On Television: Tenth Anniversary Edition is a comprehensive viewer's guide to all 104 episodes of the Adventures of Superman. Episodes are outlined in detail and critically reviewed with notes on special points of interest. Originally published in 1988 and introduced at the 50th Birthday Celebration of Superman in Cleveland, Ohio, the book has been in constant demand. Although the book has been out-of-print for years, fans continue to make inquiries regarding its availability.

Newly revised and augmented with additional material, Superman On Television: Tenth Anniversary Edition is now beeen republished as a trade-paperback. With over a hundred publicity photos and production stills, the new edition triples the amount of illustrations contained in the original and is wrapped in a durable, glossy, cover. The retail price is $24.95 plus $3 shipping. You may order your copy NOW.

Superman: The Complete History by Les Daniels
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If you are a fan of the Superman in any incarnation, this is the book for you. Les Daniels traces the history of Superman from his beginnings in the minds of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster up to and including the U.S. postage stamp issued in 1998. Profusely illustrated with classic color reprints and photographs, Superman: The Complete History is a must for your library. Of particular interest to readers of The Adventures Continue is the section of George Reeves. Included are close-up photos of the front and back of George's b&w costume and a color shot of Superpup, the star of Whit Ellsworth's ill-fated 1958 pilot, shot shortly after the Adventures of Superman ended production. 


Superman: Serial to Cereal by Gary Grossman

Superman: Serial to Cereal was published in 1976 by Popular Library in New York. In his book, author Gary Grossman gives a detailed description of Superman from the Kirk Alyn serials through the TV Adventures of Superman. The book is filled with fascinating photos, vivid memories from those who participated in the television series, a good review of George Reeves' career, and background material of other cast members. Superman: Serial to Cereal is currently out of print, and collectors report that copies are extremely rare.

Note: Gary Grossman told me he recently found several copies of his book and is making them availble while his supply lasts. You can check on their availability at his website.


Written Out Of Television by Steven Lance
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Written Out Of Television: A TV Lover's Guide to Cast Changes 1945-1994 is currently available from Madison Books, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706, 1-800-462-6420. Through years of painstaking research and dozens of exclusive interviews, Steven Lance has put together the inside stories of the unsettling phenomenon, the television series cast change. He covers all of our long-running favorites and tells stories that nobody has ever heard. Although the book is not specifically about George Reeves, Lance is definitely a fan and devotes almost five pages to the cast changes in the Adventures of Superman with an excellent narrative explaining why Phyllis Coates left the series and why Robert Shayne is absent from "The Human Bomb" (episode #21).


Death In Paradise by Tony Blanche  Buy this book at!


Seemingly there is no city more alive than Los Angeles. There are only a few cities in the world which provide equal allure, few cities where people work harder to enjoy themselves than Los Angeles. Yet where there is life, there must also be death. According to Tony Blanche and Brad Schreiber, authors of Death In Paradise, there are over 200 deaths in Los Angeles County each day. Most of the corpses found on the coroner's autopsy tables are those of ordinary citizens who died ordinary deaths . . .but not all are. This book tells the history of the coroner's department and details some of the more interesting cases. There are two pages devoted to George Reeves. Published by General Publishing Group.

 Speeding Bullet by Jan Alan Henderson Described as a "book-a-zine" by author Jan Alan Henderson, Speeding Bullet was published as part of Cult Movies magazine #14 in May, 1995. Henderson's story, "George Reeves, The Man, The Myth, The Mystery," is the best review of the life and times of George Reeves I've ever read. Henderson traces the story of Reeves from his birth as George Keefer Brewer through his career on stage, screen, and television, culminating with a discussion of the various theories surrounding the mystery of his death. Also included is a lengthy interview with director Lee Sholem and an article entitled, "What Makes George Reeves Still Super After All These Years?" Speeding Bullet is fascinating reading and an important historical document. Speeding Bullet is out of print.

As described above, Jan Alan Henderson first published Speeding Bullet as part of Cult Movies magazine in 1995. Retitled Speeding Bullet: The Live and Bizarre Death of George Reeves, Jan Alan Henderson's updated text is now available in book form through Jim Nolt Enterprises. Many new photos were added, including some taken inside George's house in 1995, George one month before his death, Toni Mannix and George at his home, and many others never before published. (161 pages)


Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos by Chuck Harter


In Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos, author Chuck Harter presents a comprehensive view of two long-lost videos created by the Adventures of Superman producer, Whitney Ellsworth. The Adventures of Superboy and The Adventures of Superpup are unique parts of the history of the celluloid Superman. This books contains over 150 never-before-seen photos (many taken behind the scenes), exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, production information, and a complete look at the 12 unfilmed Superboy scripts. Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos was published in 1993 by Cult Movies, 6201 Sunset Blvd. Suite 152, Hollywood, CA 90028. This book is out of print.

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"