Jim Nolt's tribute to George Reeves, his friends, co-workers, and the Adventures of Superman


Welcome to The Adventures Continue

My favorite photo of George Reeves, compliments of Brad Shey.

I loved growing up on our small Pennsylvania farm in the 1950s. To be sure, there was work to be done -- gathering the eggs from the chicken house, husking corn, and feeding the animals. But I also remember many hours of fun riding tricycle and playing under the two big maple trees in our front yard.

In the very early 50s we didn't yet have a television, so every Thursday evening at 7:30 my older brother and I walked to our neighbor's house to watch The Lone Ranger.

In 1953, however, my family got television too, and I soon discovered a new show -- a show that has held my interest now for almost half a century. That show is the Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves.



"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"


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