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Jim, about two weeks ago I was at an estate sale. The lady's father had been a professional photographer , and because she had gone to shoots with him, she eventually landed bit parts in 50s television programs. She mentioned the one she had appeared on most was My Three Sons, which would seem to postdate Superman series. She was unclear about where the photographs came from but assumed that, as a child, she had had them signed. I also acquired a signed cast photo from Space Patrol with Buzz Corrigan. Space Patrol ran from about 1950 - 1955, but she could have had extra parts even that early on. Her name was Anna Clark. Whether she went by that name on television, I don't know. All of this was her father's material she was disposing of and told me that if I thought this was great... "wait until you see my things." That's supposed to happen after the holidays. I'll keep you posted.

Dennis Vogt


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