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Steven Levine

I flew into Burbank via airplane, ready to meet my childhood friend, Leah, and to meet my childhood, the Adventures of Superman. My expectations were exceeded by reality.

After Mexican food with Leah, I started my journey to Tarzana. Along the way my thoughts went back to childhood. I’d race home to the TV to watch George on KTTV, Channel 11. They showed the same ten episodes, it seemed, in an endless loop. But I could watch “Panic in the Sky” every day! I thought I was the only one who was watching with a religious ferver. Now, happily, I was going to see the whole family, thanks to Jim Nolt, the folks who worked on the show, and my fellow George Reeves enthusiasts.

At the dedication I got to talk to Jack Larson and he had been my customer at the old Pickwick Books in Hollywood and he remembered! He was surprised I’d seen him in a fight film with Leonard Nimoy and said it was much better than he’d remembered it. What a thrill! I got a picture with him, too!

I got another picture taken with Ms. Jacqueline Hamilton who was as gracious and beautiful and patient as could be while my clumsy friend fumbled with the camera. I told her that her grandfather could not have been better as Perry White, and he’d have been proud to have known her. I mentioned she did not look like Grandpa Hamilton and she laughed and said, “Thank goodness!” What a great lady!

I spoke to my fellow TAOS’ers and they shared their love of the show with me. After the speeches I studied the magnificent plaque and took a picture of the fireplug. Very important to the show.

The luncheon was fantastic. I listened to the speeches and cannot remember a time when seven or eight speeches were all so eloquent, funny and memorable.

The next day I went to the Pasadena Playhouse and imagined George on the stage, carrying the night with that great presence and voice. No matter what roll.

What a beautiful place to study the craft of acting. No wonder he was so good as the Man of Steel and Clark Kent!

On the stage of the famed Pasadena Playhouse

I spoke with Miss Laura Siegel Larson, and told her I had Action Comics #36 and that the old illustrations were the most perfect. She told me Joe Shuster wasn’t happy with the look of the Fleischer cartoons of the early 40s and went to the Fleischer Studio to show the artists how it should be done. I told her I met Joe and that he introduced himself as the co-creator of Superman. Miss Larson said I made her day! And that she’d share this when she got back home. Yes, there is a cloud nine.

Laura Siegel Larson

So, I am thrilled to have met my childhood head on and it was even better that I could have hoped for. Thank you Jim Nolt, George Reeves and everyone involved for making my flight a soaring dream come true!

Steven David Levine
Posted August 31, 2014

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"