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~Don Dzurilla~
Congratulations to Jan Alan Henderson and Steve Randisi for their wonderful collaboration on the film career of the legendary George Reeves. It is most obviously a labour of love and a "Must Have" for every George Reeves fan. A wealth of information pertaining to each one of his films along with nuggets of info about other character actors as well. (many of whom made future appearances on the Adventures of Superman). The photo gallery at the end of the book is really fantastic. Finally, a book that brings to light the entire career of the one and only George Reeves aka "Superman." DonD (Clifton, NJ)


~ Jim Nolt ~
The book has been available for several weeks already, but I wanted to take my time to read through it and look at all the wonderful photos before I wrote my review of Behind The Crimson Cape - The Cinema of George Reeves. Of course from conversations with Jan Alan Henderson I know much of what would be included even before the book saw print, but I was genuinely surpised by how well the information is presented. If you are like me and treasure knowledge, you will enjoy these 330 pages. Henderson and Randisi give us a complete run down of George's Hollywood career from Ride, Cowboy Ride in 1939 to the last episodes of Superman in 1957. And each entry is backed up with photographs... many of which I had never seen before. I was especially excited about the photos that accompanied the section on George's "Fair Tour" of 1957. There is George (with Noel, Nati Vacio, Gene LaBell) doing what he did best... entertaining a generation of children who continue to appreciate and value his efforts. Behind the Crimson Cape is a valuable resource... one that I will refer to often.


~ Bill Davis, Canada ~
Jim, I just finished reading Behind The Crimson Cape, and I must say I was most impressed! Jan Alan Henderson (once again!) and Steve Randisi have done an outstanding job. Informative, fact-filled and fun, this book is a definite highlight to my George Reeves/Superman collection. Jim, please feel free to use my positive review on your site, if you so desire. Fans of George Reeves must own this book.


~ Ralph Schiller ~
Behind The Crimson Cape: The Cinema Of George Reeves by authors Jan Alan Henderson and Steve Randisi is a magnificent film book on the motion picture career of George Reeves, best known for playing the title role in the famed television series the Adventures Of Superman
(1951 - 1957).

Behind The Crimson Cape is a handsome, hardbound, 337 page volume that documents the entire film career of George Reeves, film by film in chronological order, covering no less than 58 feature length films and 12 short subjects. It also contains hundreds of rare photographs from his many films. Authors Henderson and Randisi did extensive research, and uncovered several previously unknown George Reeves film appearances. They even included for complete thoroughness several U.S. Army training films that Reeves made while serving in World War Two!

Every single film credit contains a plot narrative, detailed movie credits, and a great deal of intriguing film history regarding George Reeves and his co-players. Movie fans, film buffs and historians will be delighted to discover that Behind The Crimson Cape: The Cinema Of George Reeves was written by Jan Alan Henderson and Steve Randisi in the format of the old Citadel 'Films Of ....' series, and will therefore become a priceless addition to their movie book libraries.

Even though George Reeves died suddenly and violently in 1959 at the still young age of 45, authors Jan Alan Henderson and Steve Randisi remind us that he was an incredibly gifted, multi-talented actor who displayed genuine star charisma.

There is a poignant epilogue to this book where the authors inform us that this volume was for readers to find the real legacy of George Reeves, his gallery of performances and body of work on motion-picture film. They write that many people have tried to investigate the death of George Reeves, "but after four and a half decades decades, no one has solved the crime! No one has come close." For once, the authors are wrong.

There is one literary book that does solve the case on the mysterious death of George Reeves, or at least comes close enough so that the discerning reader can judge for him or herself. That book is Speeding Bullet published in 1999, and written by Jan Alan Henderson!

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