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Superman was set to move to American National Studios
in 1956, but since Superman, Inc. wound up at ZIV studios
for the last two season we can assume this particular deal fell through?


That's an interesting piece. I can't say for certain that Ziv Television Studios and American National Studios are one and the same. However, by the time the TV Guide blurb appeared, TAOS was already shooting at Ziv. And it's possible that the studio was being referred to by an older name. Here's what I know:

The studio began life in the early 1930's as Grand National Studios. Grand National pictures went under in 1937.

The studio then became the home of Producer's Releasing Corporation (PRC), until around 1946 when the company and its studio were absorbed by Eagle-Lion. Eagle-Lion lasted until the early 1950's when it merged with United Artists. As you know, Flamingo Films acquired the TV rights to the Eagle-Lion film library in 1951.

In 1954, Fred Ziv - who had been leasing space at this studio and at California Studios - bought the former Eagle-Lion lot for himself.

Questions to which I don't know the answers: When did Eagle-Lion sell the studio, and to whom? From whom did Ziv buy the studio? Exactly when did he rename it Ziv Television Studios?

The only thing I could find about "American National Studios" was that "Treasury Men in Action" was made there.

If anyone has additional information, please send it to Jim.

Michael Hayde


Update from Michael Hayde -- June 24, 2008

Regarding that 1956 TV Guide blurb in Noel's 2nd drawer: I've confirmed that "American National Studios" and Ziv are one and the same. The following is from a TIME magazine column, "The Busy Air," dated January 10, 1955:

"In Hollywood, another movie lot surrendered to television when Ziv Television Programs, Inc. (Mr. District Attorney, I Led Three Lives, Boston Blackie, Cisco Kid) bought the six-acre American National Studios, formerly the home of Eagle Lion-Pathe."


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