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Kellogg’s and Distribution

When we last checked in with Bob Maxwell and associates, a deal had been made with Flamingo Films to distribute the "Superman" series as soon as a sponsor was found. But Flamingo Films was foundering. To survive, Flamingo merged with AAP in December of 1951 to become Motion Pictures For Television (MPTV).

Subsequently, to obtain sponsorship, MPTV turned to the Leo Burnett Agency... who happened to have an account with Kellogg's. (This story is much more complicated than what I will tell here. For a more complete story, I suggest reading Michael Hayde's "Flights of Fantasy.")

The agreement worked out with Kellogg's reunited the cereal company with the Superman character it had previously sponsored on radio, but it was still several months before the details could be worked out. And then there was another problem that needed to be addressed. And so, the adventures continued well into 1952.

Kellogg’s Signs On

Posted: January 17, 2022

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