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From Larry Ward, the author of...

Truth, Justice, & The American Way
The Life and Times of Noel Neill
The Original Lois Lane

An Authorized Biography by Larry Thomas Ward

Limited Edition
158 pages including 158 Black & White Photographs
(Many Rare & Previously Unpublished)
From the Personal Collection of Miss Noel Neill. 9" x 12" Softbound

The year 2003 marks the 55th Anniversary of Noel Neill's legendary and original screen portrayal of "Lois Lane" from Superman. Until now, Noel had resisted all efforts to cooperate in the chronicling of her life and career. This book is the only authorized biography of this extraordinary actress.

Before Superman, Noel Neill started out as an actual news reporter for Women's Wear Daily. She began her acting career as a singer and dancer on the live stage, and after a chance meeting with Bing Crosby, was hired to sing with his band at his nightclub in Del Mar, California. This friendship led to other nightclub work, eventually leading to character roles in over eighty feature films!

In 1948, after several years with Paramount Pictures, Noel landed the role of "Lois Lane" in the Columbia Pictures movie serial, Superman, opposite Kirk Alyn. The enormous success of this film necessitated a 1950 sequel. Then the television series began with George Reeves, and in seventy-eight episodes, Noel Neill set the standard for all "Lois Lanes" yet to come. Her later appearance in the 1978 Christopher Reeve feature film made her the only actress to appear in this role in all three film genres: serials, television, and feature films.

Truth, Justice, & The American Way is a rare biography that offers an exhaustive history of Miss Neill's professional acting career, coupled with museum-quality photographs, most of which are previously unpublished. These photographs go as far back the 1920s and include her work in vaudeville and radio as a child, many of her films as a young starlet, modeling photographs, all of her Superman work, and glimpses or her personal and professional life today. Since Noel has given the author exclusive and unconditional access to all of her records and documents -- and most importantly, her memories -- something no other writer has acquired, this book is not only a one-of-a-kind publication, but a collector's item as well.

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