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Remembering Noel Neill
A Celebration of Her Life
1920 – 2016

Program design and contents
(c) 2016 Larry Thomas Ward

Opening Remarks – Larry Thomas Ward

Discussion of Noel's life in
Hollywood before Lois Lane
Author of
Almost Famous and
When Teens Were Keen – Dr. Pam Munter of Palm Desert, California

Exactly Like You
Noel's signature song – Performed by The Melundeons
Video by Brad Shey

Long-time Editor of The Adventures ContinueJim Nolt of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Video by Brad Shey

Editor and Creator of the “” website – Jim Bowers of Las Vegas, Nevada

Video Tribute
Steve has sent along a video tribute
about his many interactions with Noel – Steve Younis of Sydney, Australia

Friend of Noel
Noel's close friend of many years – Larry Blankley of Granite City, Illinois

Video Contribution – John Field of San Diego, California

Co-Chairs of the Annual Superman
Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois – Karla Ogle & Lisa Gower of Metropolis, Illinois

Video Tribute
Terry will discuss his friendship with
the “First Lady of Metropolis” – Terry Ryan of Sydney, Australia

Friend of Noel
The youngest of our speakers, Stephanie first
knew Noel as a fan, which grew into a friendship – Stephanie Perrin of Romeo, Michigan

Friend of Noel
Long a presence in Metropolis, Angie
also happened to have a fan in Noel Neill – Angie Sivori of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Only You
Internationally acclaimed actor and musician,
Skip and Noel maintained a warm and lively
friendship for many years – Skp Griparis of Chicago, Illinois
Video by Brad Shey

Author of Truth, Justice, & The American Way
Beyond Lois Lane
Noel's long-time friend, manager, and biographer – Larry Thomas Ward of Tucson, Arizona

A Film Tribute – Jim Bowers

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(Larry Ward)

(Marcia and Brad Shey)

(Lisa Nolt Copenhaver and Mike Goldman)

(Mike Goldman, Jim Nolt, Lisa Nolt Copenhaver, Brad & Marcia Shey)

Posted December, 2016
Jim Nolt

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"