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The Adventures of Superman...
"Out of the Office - Part II"
by Mr. X and Jim Nolt

No episode gave us a more detailed look at Clark's apartment (totally redecorated from 1951) than 1953's "Panic In The Sky." Below we see a woozy Superman, suffering from amnesia, wandering into Clark's apartment. Note that the Superman costume under George's Clark Kent outfit has no sleeves, and George is soaked in perspiration. It must have been awfully hot under all those clothes.

Clark revealing Superman's summer outfit.
("Panic In The Sky" 1953)


Clark staggers into his bedroom and discovers his secret closet, in which hang several duplicate Superman costumes.

What should I wear today?
("Panic In The Sky" 1953)


Later, Clark falls through the glass shower door in his bathroom, discovered by Jimmy Olsen. "He must be the luckiest guy who ever lived. Not a scratch!" But we know better.

Jimmy, all that glass.
("Panic In The Sky" 1953)


Perry, Lois, and Jimmy gaze at the unconscious Clark, suffering from exposure to kryptonite... or some other element from cosmic space which even he couldn't handle.

Please tell me... who is he?
("Panic In The Sky" 1953)


Later, in his living room, a puzzled Clark tries on Superman's costume for size. Hmm, perfect fit... but the eyeglasses will never do.

I look like Superman, why...
("Panic In The Sky" 1953)


Superman, with his memory suddenly restored, hurries to Clark's bedroom and out the window to Metropolis Observatory.. and the eventual destruction of the asteroid.

I can fly! (I hope)
("Panic In The Sky" 1953)


It was several years before we got an invitation to Bill Henderson's place, and "The Talking Clue" gives us our only peek into the home life of the intrepid Inspector William J. Henderson. Below we see Lois and Jimmy in Ray Henderson's bedroom, listening to samples from his collection of sounds. I think it's odd that not too long before this Lois could not eat cereal in the kitchen with Clark or Jimmy... but now she can listen to sounds in young Henderson's bedroom. My how times change.

Listen to this one.
("The Talking Clue" 1954)


Let's step back into Clark's apartment for a second. Whereas Ray Henderson had only audio to offer Lois, Clark's aparment was wired for audio and video. Here we see Lois and Jimmy watching their favorite show, the Adventures of Superman.

Don't turn that dial!
("Superman Week" 1954)


Perry White's an important man. So important that he needs two places to count sheep. If you will follow me, I'll take you to our next stop... White's country estate. Below we see him receiving Latin lessons from Julius Caesar himself, or so he thinks. Great suffering catfish!

Nice helmet.
("Great Caesar's Ghost" 1954)


And through the glass doors in the large, tiled back yard. Don't mind all the commotion... that's just Superman and Henderson rounding up some crooks.

("Great Caesar's Ghost" 1954)


Meanwhile, back in the city, Clark could sometimes be seen entertaining in his apartment. Here we see him with two new friends, Foster and Curtis. All three got along really well, even though Foster and Curtis are not the kind of people Clark ever thought he'd do business with.

Meet Clark's new friends.
("Clark Kent, Outlaw" 1954)


Someone at the Standish Arms must have had a relative with a local remodeling company, because once in 1955, Apartment 5-H once again got a spiffy new name tag and a new interior design.

Apartment 5-H
("Jimmy the Kid" 1955)


This particular evening, Kid Collins came to call. Unlike Foster and Collins, however, I believe Kid came uninvited. Did Clark Kent actually choose that wallpaper? It seems even super-vision is no guarantee of good taste!

Kid Collins comes calling.
("Jimmy the Kid" 1955)


Despite advice from the decorator to do away with the secret closet, Clark remained firm. His secret closet had to stay. I really think he should have insisted on better security, however. It seems any crook or amnesia victim wandering the premises could easily find the secret button that opened the closet.

Kid Collins stumbles upon the costume.
("Jimmy the Kid" 1955)


Quickly traveling through time and space to Lois' apartment in 1956, we get a glimpse at her new digs, Apartment 13. [Many tenants avoid 13, which is why most buildings don't have a thirteenth floor or an Apartment 13. When I was a boy, we lived in apartment 12. Our next door neighbor lived in 12A, and the next apartment was apartment 14. Mr. X]

The apartment of Miss Lois Lane.
("Disappearing Lois" 1956)


And if you step inside please we, along with Clark, can admire the charming interior décor... in particular those stylish orange curtains.

The interior of Lois' apartment.
("Disappearing Lois" 1956)


But across town, Clark once again comes home to a redecorated apartment. There are no univited guests this time, however. Just Sam, his hat holder.

Clark is greeted by Sam as he enters his apartment.
("Disappearing Lois" 1956)


Note that the busy wallpaper from the previous year has been replaced with something more plain. But poor Clark can't stay long... Lois soon calls to ask him to return her purse.

Sure, Lois, I can bring it over.
("Disappearing Lois" 1956)


And so, it's back across town again. Uh-oh, this time Lois has some unsavory guests who surprised even Inspector Henderson.

Watch out, Clark!
("Disappearing Lois" 1956)


Clark's apartment changed little between 1956 and 1957. One minor change was the addition of a doorbell button beneath his name... and no Sam to greet him.

Please ring the bell before entering.
("The Last Knight" 1957)


Clark surely was a nice guy. No matter who dropped by, he made them feel welcome. He we see Mr. Kent entertaining Sir Henry in his full suit of armor.

Nice outfit.
("The Last Knight" 1957)


And as Clark prepares for a "knight on the town," we end our "Out of the Office" tour. We hope you enjoyed this trip into the homes of our special guests.

Clark prepares for a "knight on the town."
("The Last Knight" 1957)

Mr. X and Jim
April 7, 2007

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