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Sarasota 2017

A Celebration of Friendship

Larry Ward and his sisters, Marcia Hickok and Junette Fabian. (Larry Ward photo)

The boys out on the town. (John O'Keefe photo)

Breakfast with John O'Keefe, Bruce Dettman, Hank Gross, and Dana Pless. (John O'Keefe)

Cathy Ryan (Cathy Ryan)

Mike Poarch – Al Vacio – Cathy Ryan (Cathy Ryan)

Friendship. (John O'Keefe)

Mike Goldman, John O'Keefe, and Bruce Dettman (Steve Books photo)

Don Rhoden and Glenda Finkelstein (Steve Brooks photo)

Terry Oubre brought displayed his favorite childhood costume.
(Steve Brooks)

Bruce Dettman, Dana Pless, and John O'Keefe get a bit to eat. (Steve Brooks)

Johnny Jake holds George's tunic. (Johnny Jake)

Another look at Terry Oubre's childhood costume. (Johnny Jake)

Jim and Johnny talk George. (Johnny Jake)

(Lisa Copenhaver photo)

Arno Copenhaver holds his grandson, Gavin. (Math McCue photo)

Gail McIntyre, Michael and Amanda Prince (Math McCue)

Jim greets Al and Virginia ((Dana Pless photo)

Jim, Brad Shey, and Mike Goldman look for a place to eat. (Dana Pless)

Gail McIntyre, Amanda and Michael Prince (Michael Prince)

Not everyone was still in the room, but Jared managed to corral some of us into a group photo.
(Click here to identify people in the group)

George seems pleased that we remember...

and most likely he will be remembered for a long, long while. (Brad Shey photos)

Posted March 17, 2017

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