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Superman And The Mole-Man
Script to Screen

The Adventures Begin: Production began on "Superman and the Mole-Men" on Tuesday July 10, 1951 and continued through Saturday July 21.

The movie’s original title was Nightmare and for the most part, what we see on the screen follows the script as written. There were a few changes, however.

Page 29A: Beverly Washburn's character is identified as Ellen Benson.

In the script Benson says, "My wife! My kid! Come on!
That line, obviously, was cut from the film.

Page 35: Script indicates Superman lands in front of the house to find Mrs. Benson sprawled in the doorway.

Page 36: In script, Superman says, "Your family's all right, Benson. They were just scared –

Quite likely these changes were made to make Luke Benson more villainous. As the father of the little girl, he might have evoked some sympathy. In those days, more often than not, characters were portrayed as either good or bad, with very little in between.

Page 36: Superman says, "Your family's all right, Benson. They were just scared." If you watch George's lips carefully, you can see that it was filmed that way, then dubbed over with "The little girl's all right. She was just scared."

Page 38: Benson says, "Pop Shannon maybe didn't mean nothin'--- an; maybe Jeff Reagan's old enough to take care of himself--- but when these critters go for a little kid---my kid---then I aim to do somethin'!" In the movie the editor cuts away from Benson as he speaks part of that line, so we cant read his lips. But we can hear a slight hesitation that would indicate a change was made later.

Page 39: Superman says, "Yes. They were playing with Benson's little girl." Then, "The child wasn't afraid of them. It was her mother's screaming that terrified her." On screen, again through editing, the reference to Benson's little girl is omitted.

Page 40: Craig's line is supposed to be, "Good grief! They're walking around like a couple of atomic bombs!" That second sentence was dropped.

Page 41: Superman has more to say than we see on the screen: You know what'll happen. Screaming headlines -- "Monsters Invade Western Town" -- "Hideous Creatures form Center of Earth Terrify Populace -- ? There are additional changes, but they are minor word changes.

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Posted: July 24, 2021

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