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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Tuesday August 21, 1951

Supporting Players
Ben Bancroft (Golem)
Maude Prickett (Matilda Tazey)
Fred Sherman (Doc Jessup)
Fred Sherman (Mr Simms)
Ed Cobb (Peter Godfrey)
Ed Cobb (Lafe Reiser)
Ray Bennett (Stan Hacker)

It had been a hot and dusty Monday for Jack Larson and Phyllis Coates as they traipsed the Peruvian desert. And although Jack had the following day off, Phyllis was back at Forty Acres to begin work on the next two episodes, "The Deserted Village" and "Rescue." Again all involved today worked multiple days together (Tuesday, Thursday, and the following Thursday), so we can't be sure on which day some particular scenes were filmed. All I can say is the all images shown here represent work from Aug 21, 22, & 30. Note, however, that Housely Stevenson did not work today, so there are no scenes showing Pop Polgase.

It's easy to see that they put in a hectic day. Both Ed Cobb and Fred Sherman performed scenes from both episodes this Tuesday, and I suppose that means Phyllis Coates and George Reeves did also. The cast sheet lists Ben Bancroft as "the Golem," but I can't find any IMDB listed for anyone with that name.

I'm guessing here, but since the road leading into Cliffton/Carbide was located across the street from Forty Acres, in the area that served as the "Peruvian desert," the day before, perhaps Clark's and Lois' arrivals in Cliffton/Carbide were filmed first. That might have even been done on Monday (rather than lugging everything out there for a second day). There is also the scene of them leaving Cliffton.

The next order of business could have been the scenes in front at Doc Jessup's place and in Matilda Tazey's front yard. Housley Stevenson (Pop Pogalse) didn't work until Wednesday, so his scenes with Ray Bennett and those inside the cave were not done on this Tuesday. That leaves some of the scenes that take place before Lois changes clothes and enters the mine.

In summary, "Deserted Village" and "Rescue" were filmed simultaneously over a three-day period, and both were directed by Tommy Carr.

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Posted: August 21, 2021

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