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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Saturday August 25, 1951 – (Work continued on the third set of episodes: Monkey Mystery, The Deserted Village, Rescue, Treasure of the Incas, and The Haunted Lighthouse.)

Supporting Players:
Harry Lewis (Harold Crane)
William Challee (Mac)
Fred Sherman (Mr. Sims)
Ed Cobb (Lafe Reiser)
Ray Bennett (Stan Hacker)

This day in 1951 concluded the first week of the third set. Some scenes from all five episodes had been filmed during this first week week.

Harry Lewis completed all his scenes as Harold Crane, including the finale to “Monkey Mystery,” in a single day. The previous day, Jack was almost drowned on Moose Island, and on this day, he was tied up in a closet in Metropolis. (Tony Urmenti would not deliver the note, and Jimmy would not be abducted, however, until the following Friday.)

Meanwhile, Fred Sherman, Ed Cobb, and Ray Bennett were still running around in Carbide trying to figure out how to get Lois and Pop Polgase out of the coal mine alive.

Next: Monday, August 27, 1951

While we wait, let’s enjoy another
Superman rescue.

Posted: August 26, 2021

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