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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

In 1951, the 11th day of September fell on a Tuesday. It was the second day back to work, and filming continued on both “A Night of Terror” and “The Human Bomb.”

Picking up from yesterday, Almira Sessions (Miss Backrach) finished her scenes with Kent in his office and at the front desk. There is no way to know when particular scenes were filmed, but all of them were done on Monday and Tuesday. Likewise, Joel Friedkin (Oscar) finished any left-over scenes from the day before. (Friedkin was again on the Friday schedule (presumably for the scene with Kent in the furnace room.)

Again I can’t be positive, but since Kent’s office was set up for the Oscar and Miss Bachrach scenes on Monday afternoon, this might have been a good day for the scene in which Kent and Olsen talk about going to the ball game... or maybe that was already done on Monday.

Regardless, later in the day, George Reeves got into the Superman costume to join Lois and Bet-A-Million Butler on the ledge. Considering that 1) the Lois/Clark office was set up for Lois on Monday morning and for Kent in the afternoon, and 2) George is in costume on Tuesday for the ledge scene, some work on the scenes in Kent’s office (with the tape recorder) were likely done today. Then Marshall Reed (Deputy Inspector Hill) and Dennis Moore (Riley) return on Wednesday to finish up.

It was probably on this date in 1951 that the "No comment until the time limit is up," was recorded.

Notes: A couple make-shift settings were arranged for this set of episodes. Bet-A-Million Butler talks to a receptionist seated at a desk which appears to be right outside Kent’s office.

Early in “A Night of Terror,” Oscar stands by a desk set up against the wall near Kent’s office. But just a short time later the desk is gone and we see another one closer to Perry White’s office.

Wednesday, September 12, 1951

Posted: September 11, 2021

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