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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

September 18, 1951 – Tuesday

Lou Krugman – Jacques Oliviere
Stanley Andrews – Garvin
Jane Adams – Bobette
Harold Goodwin – Train brake man

As it was filmed over three days (September 18, 20, and 21) with all major players scheduled for all three days, it’s difficult to know exactly how “Ghost Wolf” played out. And I found am odd entry on the cast sheet: Harold Goodwin (the brake man) was scheduled for Day 5 (the previous Friday). But that day saw Jimmy and Lois fearing for their lives at the Rest Well Cabins. It hardly seems likely they'd jump from there to the train headed toward Lone Pine for that one scene. I'm sure changes were made to the schedule as the days and weeks passed, but why would Goodwin have been scheduled for that day in the first place? Seems that it must have been a mistake and that Goodwin should have been on the sheet for this date, Sept 18. And so we are left to wonder.

Perhaps it is easier to tell what WASN'T done "today." John Hamilton wasn't on the schedule so the scenes in his office must have been done on the coming Thursday or Friday. Also, action scenes were generally held for the end of the week so that eliminates the forest fire from today's schedule. That leaves us with most of the "talky" scenes.

1) The script indicates that the wolf Oliviere observes in the woods is an albino wolf.

2) The wolf is always referred to as “he” or “him.” Interesting that a female human would turn into a male wolf.

3) The script indicates that Consolidated Flight 64 leaves in twenty-three and one half minutes… but that was changed to fifty-three and one half minutes on screen. Seems to me that neither one offers them enough time, however.

4) There is a bit of interesting dialogue soon after they meet Garvin.

Garvin: I’ll go rustle you folks up some supper – Not much of a cook, but know how to use a can opener. Cookie was one of the first ones run out when this werewolf business started.
Lois: If you need any help, I’m not bad with a can opener myself.

Garvin leaves.

Lois: He looks honest – Don’t you think?
Kent: I don’t like to judge people – just by their looks.
Olsen: Right now all I want to know is – can he cook?

5) The scene with the wolf entering Lois’ cabin followed by Lois’ scream is missing from the script. Instead, the script indicates: Shadow of woman… Lois awakened by shouts of Fire! from Garvin… Lois’ cabin aflame… Kent and Olsen extinguish fire with water from a hose…

Kent (to Olsen as the flames die down): Take (the hose) while I get Lois.

This is followed by a woman peering from behind the bushes. Then...

Olsen: That fire didn’t start by accident – it spread too fast.
Kent: There’s also a strong odor of gasoline.

6) During the forest fire set by Oliviere, instead of saving the marmoset(?) as seen on screen, the script calls for Superman to carry a fawn in his arms.

7) In an exchange between Bobette and Oliviere, Bobette says, “No Jacques – I will never permit White Flame to kill – Never!

8) After Superman subdues Oliviere, he turns his attention back to the fire, but instead of asking for wire… Superman flies to Seattle Dry Ice Company and asks for a ton of crushed dry ice.

Youth: D-d-did you say a t-t-ton of c-c-crushed dry ice?
Superman: That’s what I said – and I want it right away.
Youth: Y-y-you want us to d-d-deliver it?
Superman: No – I’ll take it with me. And hurry.
Youth: Y-y-yes, sir.

Then… Superman flying into cloud. (If possible, he should be carrying a large canvas bag)

Wednesday, September 19, 1951

Posted: September 18, 2021

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