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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

October 9, 1951 – Tuesday

Supporting Players:
John Eldredge -- Walter Canby
Dabbs Greer – the guy
Dani Nolan – Miss Bachrach

All the action on this date (with the exception of Henderson's portion of the phone conversation and Kent’s walk on the ledge) took place in Perry White's office. I don't know in what order it all happened, but it was on October 9 that Kent sought a job on the Daily Planet and brought "the guy" back to the Daily Planet for an interview. White and Henderson had their exchange of words, and Superman delivered Walter Canby to White's office. This was the first day in more than two weeks that John Hamilton and Jack Larson were back on the set.

Although the receptionist's name is not mentioned on screen, she is identified as "Miss Bachrach" on the cast sheet and in the script. The script further gives the following instructions after Kent heads toward the store room:

Kent exits and CAMERA HOLDS on Miss Bachrach who has one of those "Isn't he a nice young man" looks.

We'll return to the "Adventures of Superman" in just a moment.

Just four more days to go...

Wednesday, October 10, 1951

Posted: October 9, 2021

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