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Announcing a new book by Michael Bifulco. A work of fiction, SpaceMan Lost tells a story that might be vaguely familiar to anyone who still remembers the 1950s golden age of television. It begins as retired actor (Lars Jacobson) is encouraged to confront his past after a press release is issued announcing the production of a new "SpaceMan" movie. Lars finally comes to realize, even after nearly fifty years, that he still has fans from his appearances in what he figured to be a long-forgotten television series. He must accept the fact that this legion of fans will never let go of the mystery surrounding the untimely death of his old friend, Gordon Reed---the man who once found fame portraying the famous 1950s comic book hero.

Spaceman Lost by Michael Bifulco

In SpaceMan Lost, author Michael Bifulco has combined an America that we wish for and the one we are forced to deal with. A true Hollywood mystery if there ever was one, mixing intrigue with redemption, in a must-read for genre enthusiasts." --Jan Alan Henderson, author of Speeding Bullet.

SpaceMan Lost seems at first to be evoking the Hollywood of myth and legend, but Mike Bifulco's Tinseltown is a place where manufactured dreams clash with sordid realities. Bifulco initially opens his curtain on a tableau of nostalgia, then draws it back further to reveal jealousy, betrayal and rage waiting in the wings. His thoroughly engrossing story is what you might get if you crossed All About Eve with L.A. Confidential." ---Ed Hulse, author of The Films of Betty Grable and editor of the Hollywood Corral.

SpaceMan Lost has all the elements I love in a book: Hollywood, memory, and mystery. The author has me walking the studio grounds again in the waning days of the Golden Age. An eye-opening journey through a classic 50s mystery. -- Greg Moody, author of Two Wheels, Dead Roll, and Dead Air.

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