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Wally's Filling Station
(Part II)

When Jack Thompson gave me his theory on the location of Wally's Filling
Station I didn't buy it at first. This is because I was sure that the opposite side
of the street was lined with trees.

In the attached composite, Andy pulls into Wallys with his car between the
pumps and the building. Goober is standing by the Regular pump, looking
towards the building. As Andy and Goober converse with each other, the
camera keeps cutting from Goober's point of view (looking at Andy) and Andy's
point of view (looking at Goober.)

From Goober's view we are still looking towards the building (we can see the
soda pop machine behind the squad car.) From Andy's view we see the
opposite side of the street, and it is lined with trees. But this is a fake.
If we were allowed to see Andy's real point of view and beyond, we'd see
the USMC quanzit huts!

As I scrutinized it, I realized that from the medium shot when Andy pulls in
Goober is standing by the SUPER pump, but on the close-ups looking a Goober
he is in front of the REGULAR pump. The trees that we are seeing in the
background are the same trees in the backgound of the shot where Andy pulls
up to the pumps.

These are my composites showing Wally's Filling Station:

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