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Test your knowledge of characters from the Adventures of Superman with this crossword puzzle.
Print these pages and have some fun.



1. Dr. Stanton's assistant.
8. Jimmy's aunt, who lived on Moose Island.
9. Macy or George.
11. The clown who could never push anyone off the roof.
12. An important fence in Metropolis.
13. Clark's psychiatrist friend.
15. This atomic scientist whistled for help.
17. The captain of the Golden Vulture.
19. Dressed in a makeshift Superman costume, he kidnapped little Cathy Williams.
20. Old Moe, resident of Kansas City.
21. Rubbed out in a tobacco store by one of Hanlon's men.
23. Joe ______, county inspector in "Five Minutes To Doom."
25. ____ Bleaker, sports promoter who saw a possible future in honest wrestling.
27. Lu Sung's niece.
28. Uncle Oscar's mechanical brain. (2 words)
30. Frank's girlfriend, who lived at 37 Maple Street.
33. Lois' hairdresser who thought she (Lois) was a lucky, lucky girl.
35. The Daily Planet janitor who don't steal nothing.
37. _____ Garrity, a shamus Jimmy emulated.
39. A doctor who was dying to know the secret of Superman.
40. Defeated by Wilson in "The Big Freeze."
41. Alvin or Peter.
43. He knew just where to touch those wrestlers.
45. Deputy Inspector ______.
46. Mrs. Carmody's boy.
47. The world's greatest magician, but no one understood him.
49. Aunt Louisa's housekeeper.
51. Rutherford Jones' pretty companion.
53. He looked like Jimmy, but his writing style was off the mark.
56. Created synthetic kryptonite.
58. Connie's boyfriend.
60. Had a weakness for tulips.
62. Mr. McGurk's first name. McGurk was a resident of Echo Canyon.
64. The ______, Frankie's uncle.
65. The kingpin of organized crime. (Interesting title, don't you think?)
67. Tim Grayson's father.
68. Carmelita's owner.
69. Dry Gulch's Gunner.
72. Poor Big Tom _____ had only eight million dollars.
73. Went after a pie, but got cold feet. (3 words)
76. The note-writing steward on the Golden Vulture.
79. Bald-headed henchman of 65 across.
80. Elaine or Ann.
81. Perry's sister.
82. A lowly cab driver, not that there's anything wrong with that. (Dagger Island)
83. Eventually beat out Rover Girl in the Jupiter Stakes.
84. Perry's "man."
85. Steve or Paul.
86. The baby elephant.
87. Clark's friend who became invulnerable when exposed to kryptonite.
2. Attempted to keep Kent and Henderson from making good in Hollywood.
3. He looked like Superman, why didn't he sound like Superman?
4. This Horton didn't hear a Who, but he did hear the truth about kryptonite from Jimmy.
5. Ace's girlfriend.
6. She was happy when nobody got the money.
7. Until he went to the barn, ______ Wilson thought marbles where the best birthday present ever.
9. Cat burglar, Johnny Sims' nickname.
10. ____ Urmente, an organ grinder.
14. The price of his magic course put Lois and Jimmy in the hole.
16. The Frank who had a nose for news.
18. Liked to pick on the little guys in Silsby.
22. He made himself invisible to escape Superman's detection.
24. The King of Sartania's bodyguard.
26. This mug had a beautiful place in the country with a direct phone line from his office.
29. The King of Sartania.
31. He clowned around at the telethon, but in the end no one thought he was funny.
32. The butler Jimmy hired with part of his million dollars.
34. He'd bet on anything.
36. With his x-ray vision, Superman guided this doctor during an operation.
38. The ventriloquist in "Case of the Talkative Dummy."
42. Tony Gambini's boyhood friend who later became a gangster. (2 words)
44. Jan Moleska's daughter.
45. Horatio's mechanical friend.
48. Despite the name, this reporter for "The Blade" was no comedian. (2 words)
50. College wrestler who caught Lois' eye.
52. Captain _____, leader of the pirates in "Jolly Roger."
54. The tall one who smashed cheap plaster figurines while the short one watched.
55. Steve Carr's Peruvian character.
57. Traded his freedom for worthless quartz.
59. Owner of the steamship line in "Beware the Wrecker."
61. Andrew Dawn's sweetie.
63. Miss _____ claimed she knew more about America than most Americans.
66. Dr. ______, head of the university in Lima, Peru.
70. Owner of the tobacco store where Cusack was shot.
71. When he was alive, this gangster always wore an overcoat and derby hat.
72. Bill's son.
74. XP127Y4.
75. He might have been little, but he was big enough to capture Slouchy and Georgie. (2 words)
77. With his apprehension there was no Number 1 Crime Boss in Metropolis anymore.
78. She wasn't from Troy, but she was the most beautiful officer in the MPD.
80. Sen. Taylor queried, "Your name is Wagner, ____ Wagner?
81. This Charlie once lit 300 cigarettes with 100 matches.

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"