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Dedication of Plaque
5400 Wilbur Avenue
Tarzana, California
August 16, 2014

The Adventures Continue is proud announce “Celebration 2014” to remember the one-hundredth birthdays of George Reeves, Jerry Siegel, and Joe Shuster; 60 years of the Adventures of Superman; and twenty-five years of The Adventures Continue.

In a public ceremony on the morning of August 16, 2014 a plaque will be dedicated at 5400 Wilbur Avenue in Tarzana. This spot is important to fans of the Adventures of Superman because it was featured in “The Man Who Could Read Minds” (Episode #29, filmed in June, 1953) and is the only outdoor location that includes all five main characters (Insp. Henderson, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Clark Kent). Jack Larson will be on hand that morning to help with the dedication.

Additional information regarding this location.

The cost of the plaque and installation is $1,000. Donations were accepted and our goal has been met. Contributions were made by check and money order and via Pay Pal.

Contributors and total amount contributed:

1) Jim Nolt

2) Steven Kirk

3) Don Rhoden

4) Bobby Ryan

5) David Stewart

6) Gail McIntyre

7) Steve Brant

8) Brad Shey

9) Jeff Houttemann

10) Charlie Rose

11) Mike Cline

12) Mike Goldman

13) Daniel J. Brown

14) Lee Saylor

15) Hilary Roberts

16) Toni Collins

17) Bill Schmeelk

18) Gary Emenitove

19) Diana Northway

20) Jamie Reigle

21) Tony Stapleton

22) Paul Blake

23) Dana Pless

Total – $1,133.15

Thanks to all who contributed. It doesn't take long for the fans of George Reeves to come through. Work will now begin on the plaque, and I'll keep you informed of its progress here. Hope to see you on the morning of August 16, 2014.



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