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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman…

Saturday July 28, 1951 was the sixth day of filming of the initial set of five.

Supporting Actors: John Hamilton, Jack Larson, Robert Shayne, Larry Blake, and Peter Brocco

Work continued on "The Secret of Superman" this Saturday. The only days Larson and Blake had in common were Friday and Saturday... and since the scenes at the lunch wagon were of primary concern on Friday, it's reasonable to assume that the opening scenes in White's office were scheduled for Saturday.

The only day Larson and Brocco had in common was Saturday, so the final scenes of this episode were also filmed this date.

Because Shayne and Hamilton worked three days in common (Tuesday, Saturday, and the following Monday) we can't determine when the scenes at the Newspaper Club were filmed. But we have a clue. Joel Friedkin (Herman), Steve Carr (the cook), and Larry Blake worked together on Monday, July 30... so if the scene showing Friedkin getting knocked on the head was done on Monday, it's possible the other scenes at the Newspaper Club were filmed on Monday also.

That leaves us with this for this Saturday:
Opening scene with Jack Larson and Larry Blake in White's office
Closing scene in Ort's office.
Possibly the exchange between Dr. Ort and Clark in Ort's office.
Very likely the scene with Henderson and Kent.

And so, the first full week of work came to an end. Everyone would have the next day, Sunday, off. But they… and we… will continue on July 30.

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July 29, 1951

Posted: July 28, 2021

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