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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Thursday August 30, 1951 – (Work continued on the third set of episodes: Monkey Mystery, The Deserted Village, Rescue, Treasure of the Incas, and The Haunted Lighthouse.)

Supporting Players
Allene Roberts - Maria Moleska
Fred Essler - Jan Moleska

Ben Bancroft - Golem
Fred Sherman - Doc Jessup
Maude Prickett - Matilda Tazey
Ed Cobb - Peter Godfrey

Steve Carr - Anselmo
Leonard Penn - Mendoza

Jimmy Ogg - Chris
Bill Challee - Mac

With three days left to complete the third set of episodes, much remained to be done, and on this date, parts of four different episodes went before the cameras.

  1. Allene Roberts shed her housekeeper duds and joined Fred Essler in the cave just before the police found and beat him. This was Essler's only day. (The Monkey Mystery)

  2. Ben Bancroft, Fred Sherman, Maude Prickett, and Ed Cobb battled it out in the cave. It occurred to me that Ben Bancroft might have been in the Golem suit for all scenes except for the time Superman pulls off the hood to reveal that it was Alvin Godfrey! who was behind all this. (The Deserted Village)

  3. Later (or before) Lois and Jimmy were trapped in that same cave and almost blown up by the dynamite Anselmo and Mendoza had placed there to take down the wall that was hiding the treasure. (Treasure of the Incas)

  4. Mac and Chris completed some scenes, but as they worked multiple days together, we can't determine exactly which ones. It might have been the scenes with Jimmy. (The Haunted Lighthouse)

So it's likely that Superman rescued Lois and Pop from the mine on Wednesday and then rescued her TWICE from that same mine on Thursday.

Except for having Sundays off, the cast and crew had worked straight through since July 10. This was their 44th day of work. They would work two more days before getting one week off... and then coming back for the remaining nine episodes.

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Posted: August 30, 2021

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