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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Thursday August 23, 1951

Ben Bancroft – Golem
Fred Sherman - Doc Jessup
Ed Cobb - Peter Godfrey
Maudie Prickett -- Matilda Tazey
Malcolm Mealey - Alvin Godfrey

Jimmy Ogg – Chris
William Challee – Mac

On Monday it was “Treasure of the Incas,” but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday alternated between “Deserted Village” and “Rescue.” On the past Tuesday, in fact, Fred Sherman and Ed Cobb performed roles from both episodes in the same day.

And so, once again, today's action took place in Cliffton. Among the scenes filmed was the conclusion to the story. Lois and Kent explored the cave, and when Kent (as Superman) left to have the contents of the drill core analyzed, Lois was knocked unconscious and almost sewn up in a canvass bag. Fortunately, Superman came to the rescue and exposed the evil-doers. And Lois beat Kent to a story. "Won't he be furious!"

Some scenes from “The Haunted Lighthouse” involving only Jimmy Ogg and William Challee were also filmed on this date.

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Posted: August 23, 2021

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