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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Friday August 24, 1951 – (Work continues on the third set of episodes: Monkey Mystery, The Deserted Village, Rescue, Treasure of the Incas, and The Haunted Lighthouse.)

Supporting Players:
Allene Roberts (Maria Moleska)
Steve Carr (Doctor)
Ned Roberts (Frisch)

Jimmy Ogg (Chris)
Wm Challee (Mac)
Steve Carr (Lt. Haines)

Today's work involved “The Haunted Lighthouse,” and “The Monkey Mystery.” Ned Roberts and Steve Carr worked only this one day on "Monkey Mystery," so we can know that Frisch got the phone call that set the plan in motion. Also, George was in costume aboard the train to Washington to give aid to Maria Moleska and Lois. Fortunately there was also a doctor aboard the train.

Steve Carr then quickly corrected his attire and became Lt. Haines to film his scene with Superman aboard the Coast Guard cutter. Ogg and Challee filmed some scenes this Friday, but since no other supporting actor from that episode was asked to report, those must have been the scenes with Jack. And since George was in costume, it’s quite likely that the scene on the cliff was done on this date.

The end of the day probably saw Jack Larson rolling around in a pool of water. In a conversation I had with Jack, he remembered that water as being cold and very dirty.

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Posted: August 24, 2021

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