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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Tuesday August 28, 1951 – (Work continued on the third set of episodes: Monkey Mystery, The Deserted Village, Rescue, Treasure of the Incas, and The Haunted Lighthouse.)

Supporting Players:
Hal Girard - Police Captain
Juan Duval - Dr. Cuesta
Steve Carr - Anselmo

When work ended on Monday, Kent and Lt. Haines had finally apprehended the smugglers on Moose Island, off the coast of Maine (although Mac and Chris still had some unfinished work that would be completed on the coming Thursday).

On this Tuesday, however, Reeves and Carr (as Kent and Anselmo), along with Jimmy and Lois, found themselves back in Peru. As you might recall, Jimmy and Lois were left in the desert there more than a week before. But Tuesday's scenes all took place before Anselmo invited them to take a supposed tour of the area around Madera... in the foothills.

Today's work was not physically taxing as all scenes were filmed in office settings: the two scenes at police headquarters and another at the University of Lima... Peru.

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Posted: August 28, 2021

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