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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

Wednesday August 29, 1951 – (Work continued on the third set of episodes: Monkey Mystery, The Deserted Village, Rescue, Treasure of the Incas, and The Haunted Lighthouse.)

Supporting Players
Housley Stevenson – Pop Polgase
Fred Sherman – Sims
Milt Kibbee – Harry Hansen

It was Mine Rescue Day in Carbide this Wednesday. But first, as it was Milt Kibbee's only day on the set, Kent needed to stop off at the Daily Planet Washington Office... twice... and then pick up a copy of the Planet (but not the latest edition) before heading to Pennsylvania to pick up Lois.

Fred Sherman was back on this day, but none of his co-workers were there, so obviously scenes involving only Sims were shot.

And then it was time for Lois to get trapped in the mine with Pop and for Superman to make his rescue. The idea of a mine cave-in was a good one, but those scenes did present a lighting problem. I don't know enough about things like that, but I wonder if the lighting could have been handled better.

That put the finishing touches on "Rescue," but the next three days would see still more work on "Monkey Mystery," "Deserted Village," "Treasure of the Incas," and "The Haunted Lighthouse."

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Posted: August 29, 2021

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