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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

September 13, 1951 – Thursday

Frank Richards
John Kellogg
Ann Doran

The cameras were focused on "A Night of Terror" on Thursday and Friday of this week. Because all the supporting players worked both days we can't say which scenes were filmed on either day, but it's a good guess that the fight scene at the end was done on Friday (the last day of this workweek). The process shots of Superman visiting the other tourist cabins were done the following Friday, Sept 21.

On Wednesday Lois was "slapping around punk hoodlums" like Butler, but on Thursday or Friday the hoodlum struck back, and so this might very well be the day Phyllis got knocked out.

The heavies in this first season were, for the most part, dangerous and ruthless. Here, Frank Richards' character is particularly nasty and uncaring.

Lois: This woman's been hurt. She's bleeding.
Sully: So what.

Later, after he ties up Mrs. King and Lois, he can't resist giving Lois one final push of her head before leaving them there on the floor to await Baby Face Stevens and their final fate.

The more often I watch these first season episodes, the more impressed I am with Phyllis and Jack in particular. They both gave wonderful and convincing performances.

Friday, September 14, 1951

Posted: September 13, 2021

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