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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

October 12, 1951 – Friday

Supporting Players:
Aline Towne -- Lara
Robert Rockwell -- Jor-el
Herb Rawlinson -- Rozan
Stuart Randall – Kogan
Other council members

We have no way of knowing if it took the entire day to film the opening sequences to "Superman On Earth," but the only supporting players asked to report today were those who appear on Krypton, and none from the regular cast were on the sheet for today for any other scenes.

There are a couple differences between script and screen. According to the script, narrator Jack Narz was to say…
As we near Krypton, we see high walls and gleaming turrets. We approach the magnificent Temple of Wisdom with its dome of pure crystal shimmering like a diamond in the sun. There, in a great marble chamber, Jor-el, Krypton's leading man of science, is about to address a special meeting of the planet's governing council. White-bearded Rozan, leader of the council, calls the meeting to order.

That narration was obviously changed before the episode was assembled. And another important change to the script occurs just after Lara leaves the room to get the child.

Kogan enters and makes his way silently toward the space ship, O.S., his eyes spelling evil desperation. As his face comes in full, almost covering the screen, CAMERA TRUCKS BACK with him, building for suspense.

Kogan: How many people can this carry?

Jor-el: Kogan! What are you doing here?

Kogan: The Temple of Wisdom has collapsed! Krypton is being destroyed.

Joe-el: (mimic) "Jorel speaks nonsense" eh? Why don't you laugh now, Kogan?

Kogan: (desperate) A man can make a mistake. How many people can this carry?

Jor-el: I'm sorry, Kogan, but it's too late. You'll die for your mistake. You and every living thing on Krypton.

Kogan: You're not going to leave me to die.

He looks around and grabs up some heavy object and starts to bring it down on Jor-el, who reaches out and grabs Kogan's arm, warding off the blow. The two go into a desperate struggle. Kogan breaks free, starts to enter space ship, Jor-el grabs him and forces him back. Jor-el and Kogan, in death grip, as they fall near the wall, Kogan's head striking some jagged edge. He becomes limp, slumps to the floor unconscious. Jor-el released his hold, rises, then spotting Lara O.S., hurries to meet her.

From there it goes to what we subsequently see on screen.

We'll return to the "Adventures of Superman" in just a moment.

Production on the first season of the
Adventures of Superman
comes to an end on

Saturday, October 13, 1951

Posted: October 12, 2021

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