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And now, another exciting episode in the
Adventures of Superman...

October 5, 1951 – Friday

Supporting Players:
Anthony Caruso - Luigi Dinelli
Steve Carr -- Mr. Carr
Roy Gordon -- Mr. Abner
John Maxwell -- Chief/Frank Dinelli

This day was spent bringing Luigi Dinelli to justice. As Kent, George Reeves assured Mr. Carr and Mr. Abner that he and Henderson would not be deterred by the murder of Alan Dexter. Kent also discussed Frank Dinelli with the studio chief. (“Nothing since 1938?)

Later, as Superman, he visited Henderson at the Mark Stevens Hotel, and together they went behind the scenes on Stage 13 to witness the murder of Frank Dinelli and to apprehend Luigi.

Henderson: Kent will get a big kick out of this. The czar of the underworld in bracelets. Too bad he isn't here.

And I have this observation. Watch as Frank falls. I believe that’s the other side of Luigi Dinelli’s place behind him.

We'll return to the "Adventures of Superman" in just a moment.

Saturday, October 6, 1951

Posted: October 5, 2021

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