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On page 87 of Truth, Justice, & The American Way: The Life and Times of Noel Neill, The Original Lois Lane, author Larry Thomas Ward references a letter written by producer Whitney Ellsworth to the Los Angeles Times in 1974. Here, in Noel Neill's filing cabinet, we can read that letter in its entirety.

In 1974, Noel Neill was invited by "Jeff" to speak before the students at Monmouth College (New Jersey) about her career as Lois Lane. From Larry Ward's book:

"The day of the event finally arrived. It was April 9, 1974, and I was nervous and unsure of myself. Jeff had orignally told me they expected not more than two-hundred people, at best. But when he picked me up at the hotel to drive me over to the campus, it was then that I learned that over a thousand students were waiting for me! The reception was totally unexpected and unbelievable. The film ("The Tomb of Zaharan") was run first and every time I was in a scene... the kids would just whoop and holler. Finally the film ended, and the room was completely dark. Someone handed me a microphone, and in my best 'Lois Lane' voice I shoulted, 'Gee, Superman, are we ever glad to see you!' The lights went up and I walked out on the stage and the place just erupted into booming applause, with the longest standing ovation I had ever witnessed. I was so overwhlemed by the moment that I began to cry. But the more I cried the more they applauded, so I knew I had to stop doing that. After several minutes everything calmed down and I grabbed the mic and began to talk about my years as 'Lois.' When I finished some twenty minutes later there was another standing ovation followed by a lengthy question and answer period. After that I spent an hour signing autographs. Those Monmouth kids were simply the best. The experience was one of the true highlights of my life."

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