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Whit Ellsworth letter to Noel Neill

Whit Ellsworth letter to Noel Neill
Letter from Whit Ellsworth to Noel Neill, dated February 24, 1976

From Larry Ward (April, 2006):

Here's a copy of a letter Whitney Ellsworth wrote to Noel in 1975 about an article he was writing about her. I didn't include it in the new, updated Noel biography (mostly because I had forgotten I had it), so you're welcome to place it on the web site. What I find interesting about Whit's letter is the drawing he did at the end of the second page. I had never seen an Ellsworth drawing prior to this.

Take care,

Noel Neill receives the Golden Boot Award, 2004
(Photo courtesy of Noel Neill and Larry Ward)

On August 7, 2004, Noel Neill, along with several others, was the
recipient of the Golden Boot Award held at the Sheraton Universal
in Universal City, California.

2004 Honorees were:
Val Kilmer
Scott Glenn
Randy Quaid
Robert Horton
Pat Hingle
Rob Word
Johnny Mack Brown (In Memoriam Award)
Fred Foy (Golden Voice of Radio Award)

Sweethearts of the West:
Gale Storm
Noel Neill
Lois Hall
Elaine Riley

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