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Although very often overlooked, the character actor is nevertheless an indispensable part of any television show, and the Adventures of Superman was blessed with some of the very best. For nearly fifty years now, we've watched them again and again as they cause trouble for, or aid Superman in his battle for decency and fair play.

One question frequently asked is "Whatever happened to . . .?" Sadly, with the passing of time, many of them have passed on. This list, originally compiled by Mauricio Araujo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was first published in The Adventures Continue #7 (Spring 1992). Since then I've attempted to update it and add lines of dialogue to better identify each name. I owe many thanks to Tom Chenevert and Harvey Gilmore for their great help in researching data and dialogue for this page.

Now, to paraphrase Madame Selena . . . it has become my unhappy duty to reveal to you, representatives of the press and industry, the arts and sciences, those who, within the past fifty years, have passed away. And borrowing from another episode, I call these pages . . .




Aherne, Patrick (1970 -- Age 69, Cancer)
"A Ghost for Scotland Yard" -- Insp. Farrington
I shouldn't wonder! I nearly got this man jailed for manslaughter five years ago. I couldn't quite make the case stick.

"Around The World With Superman" -- Murray
I beg your pardon. Are you Mrs. Carson? Or course not . . . how stupid of me. I beg your pardon.

"The Jolly Roger" -- Captain Scud
Captain, our ancestors ran out of planks two hundred years ago.


Akins, Claude (Age 77, Cancer)
"Peril By Sea" -- Ace Miller
Yes, you should see them . . . yacking away like they have only an hour to live.


Alper, Murray (1984 -- Age 80)
"Golden Vulture" -- Sanders
Cut the jokes, I can tell metal when I feel it. You ain't got fingers made
out of metal, buddy.


Anders, Rudolph (1987 -- Age 91)
"Double Trouble" -- Dr. Albrecht
They'll never take me alive.

"Lady In Black" -- Man on street who drops package
Good, that is very good. But be careful, clouds are near.


Andrews, Stanley (1969 -- Age 77)
"The Unknown People" -- The sheriff
You ain't stringing nothin' up in this town Luke, unless it's a slab of bacon.

"The Ghost Wolf" -- Sam Garvin
Do you know anything about guns? Then you're better off without one. Sometimes guns can be more dangerous than other things.


Arnold, Phil (1968 -- Age 58, Cancer)
"The Prince Albert Coat" -- Q-Ball
Like I said, we're good guys. We want to help, right Mike?


Arvan, Jan (1979 -- Age 66, Heart Attack)
"Perry White's Scoop" -- Max
Do you want us to sit back and do nothing when we might he facing the electric chair? Please believe me, my way is the best.

"King For A Day" -- Rigor
He is the right age, but we do not have any photographs of him since he was a child. Can we kill him now?

"The Atomic Captive" -- X-249 (Zarinski)
I am amazed. Forgive me, but you are not what I expected.


Askin, Leon (2005 -- Age 97)
"Superman In Exile" -- Joseph Ferdinand
You are, now doubt, Mr. Clark Kent or perhaps Miss Lois Lane?

"King For A Day" -- Prime Minister Vallin


Baer, Buddy, (1986 -- Age 75)
"Three in One" -- Atlas
You no crook? Hold gold ball. I go have strong talk with them.


Baker, Eddie (1968 -- Age 70)
"Bully of Dry Gulch" -- Bartender
You bet . . . sure, I haven't had time to mark them yet.

"The Big Freeze" -- Guard at the iron works
Sorry sir, we're closed... election day, you know.


Balter, Sam (August 8, 1998 -- Age 88, Complications from abdominal surgery)
"Jet Ace"-- Voice on public address system
Peco Tower over . . . go ahead, but take it easy Chris.

"Superman In Exile" -- Radio announcer
And now for the nightly weather report. Storm warnings and a possible thunder shower for you farmers beyond . . .

"The Face And The Voice"-- Radio announcer
Why Superman should have taken the jewelry is a complete mystery. But why did he take money from a store, and then, as some people are guessing, turn in over to charity?

"The Man In The Lead Mask"-- Police broadcaster
Calling all cars, calling all cars. Attention. Mystery robbery reports coming in from all areas. Criminals are armed and wearing those same lead masks.

"The Machine That Could Plot Crimes"-- Radio announcer
Yes, here in Metropolis, crime is paying less and less. Larry Mccoy and others like him have gone on their last toboggan ride.


Banner, John (1973 -- Age 73, Abdominal Hemorrhage)
"The Man Who Could Make Dreams Come True" -- Bronsky
Please Superman, I'm His Majesty's bodyguard . . . permit me.


Barcroft, Roy (1969 -- Age 67, Cancer)
"The Boy Who Hated Superman" -- The Duke
Sure Frankie, you're the only one I can trust. Remember what I always told you. Be smart . . . just a little smarter than the other guy.


Bardette, Trevor (1977 -- Age 75)
"Human Bomb" -- Bet-a-Million Butler
Obviously you know know me. I enjoy living dangerously.

"Great Caesar's Ghost" -- Julius Caesar


Barnett, Griff (1958 -- Age 73, Heart Condition and Pneumonia)
"The Mind Machine" -- Dr. Edward Stanton
You must be insane. My machine was never intended for such a purpose.


Barrows, George (1994 -- Age 81)
"Mr Zero" -- Slouchy
Ya, da dirty rats . . . ya, I'm reading you good, Georgie.


Barton, Gregg (November 28, 2000 -- Age 88, Natural causes)
"Superman In Exile" -- The sheriff
Never mind him, mister. My men have got him already.


Beaumont, Hugh (1982 -- Age 73, Heart Attack)
"The Big Squeeze" -- Dan Grayson
I'm sorry Mr. Kent, you better get yourself another boy. You can't do a thing like that without asking me . . . and my answer is no.


Ben-Ari, Raskin (1969)
"Atomic Captive" -- Dr. Latislav
My sisters, Anna and Sonia. You have then in your custody?


Benedict, Richard (1984 -- Age 68, Heart Attack)
"Night of Terror" -- Baby Face Stevens
Sully, a present for you.

"Semi-Private Eye" -- Cappy
Much cleaner this way. No bullets, no murder weapon, no nothing. Nobody will ever know what happened to you. Last chance . . . want to talk?

"Close Shave" -- Tony Gambini
Hold it, hold it. You know, you got lots of good ideas. Why don't you tell Mr. White about them? Believe in yourself.


Bennett, Julie (1957)
"The Wedding of Superman" -- Sometimes Mabel
Well, he's the man behind the crime situation, that's what!


Bennett, Ray (1957)
"Rescue" -- Stan
I got a family. A partnership won't do them no good if I'm dead.


Beradino, John (May 19, 1996 -- Age 79, Cancer)
"The Unlucky Number" -- Dexter Brown
Are you . . . !? Guess there's no sense denying it Bobby. I am Superman.


Bice, Robert (1968 -- Age 54)
"Golden Vulture" -- First Officer Bennett
You, mister . . . get a move on. Start up that wench.


Blake, Larry (1982 -- Age 68)
"The Secret of Superman" -- Rausch
Never mind, Doctor... it's too late.

"Jet Ace" -- Steve Martin, reporter
No, nothing's wrong. Say that's not the same pilot that flew the test last week, is it?


Boardman, Nan (September 9, 1984 -- Age 81)
"The Birthday Letter" -- Maria Duval


Borg, Veda Ann (1973 -- Age 58, Cancer)
"The Stolen Costume" -- Connie
And that'll put the whammy on your Superman racket but good.


Bradford, Lane (1973 -- Age 50, Cerebral Hemorrhage )
"Jet Ace" -- Chris White
Kent . . . good. You know, he's a pretty swell guy in spite of what Lois thinks of him.

"Test of a Warrior" -- Guree the Bear

"The Phantom Ring" -- Joe
This radar screen, Boss, is a stroke of genius.


Bradford, Marshall (1971 -- Age 85, Heart Attack)
"The Last Knight" -- Sir Arthur
Hello down there. I'm sending you a little present. Don't try to put it out . . . it's impossible.


Brocco, Peter (December 26, 1992 -- Age 89, Heart Attack)
"The Secrect of Superman" -- Dr. Ort
Could it be that he hides behind the darkest disguise of all? Could it be that he is a woman?

"The Clown Who Cried" -- Crackers
You could only catch one of us, Superman. How did you know which one?

"The Phantom Ring" -- Spectre
He kept his word about the police, but he tipped off Superman. Mr. Kent has got to go.


Brown, James (1992 -- Age 72)
"Around the World with Superman" -- Ann's father
Ann darling.


Burns, Paul (1967 -- Age 86, Heart Attack)
"Riddle of the Chinese Jade" -- Lu Sung
I have for you what I believe in the newspaper profession is called a scoop of news.

"Star of Fate" -- Whitlock
If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes . . . and you are completely unhurt!


Bryar, Paul (August 30, 1985, age 75)
"Man In The Lead Mask" -- Scotty


Calvert, Steve (March 5, 1991)
"The Seven Souvenirs" -- Louie
Leave us. (As in "Let's go.")


Campbell, Colin (1966 -- Age 70)
"A Ghost for Scotland Yard" -- Sir Arthur McCready
Brockburst, where are you?


Cantor, Herman (1953 -- Age 57)
"Runaway Robot" -- Jailer
Mr. Kent, I'll be happy to release him to anybody's custody.


Carey, Leonard (1977 -- Age 90)
"Olsens Millions" -- Herbert the butler
I'm the gentleman's gentleman you advertised for in the newspaper.


Carr, Steve (May 20, 1986 -- Age 80)
"The Haunted Lighthouse" -- Lt. Haines
Nate, set course for Moose Island.

"Mystery of the Broken Statues" -- Shopkeeper
No lady, it wasn't a bull in a china shop.

"The Monkey Mystery" -- The doctor on the train
I'll take care of Miss Moleska. You go find that locket.

"Night of Terror" -- Mr. Quinn
I've found three places with the word "well" in them.

"The Mind Machine" -- John Hadley
I had no idea I was such a fine pilot.

"The Secret of Superman" -- The cook
Take this to Mr. White.

"Mystery In Wax" -- Dr. John Hurley

"Treasure of the Incas" -- Don Anselmo
This is not Madera.

"Double Trouble" -- Madame Charpentier
This is serum for the doctor.

"Czar of the Underworld" -- Mr. Carr (the director)
Why are you pointing that gun at me?


Carrol, Virginia (November 29, 1986 -- Age 76, Cardiac arrest)
"The Birthday Letter" -- Mrs. Williams
You've taken her. But you won't get away with it.


Carson, Robert (June, 1979 -- Age 70)
"Superman In Exile" -- Allen, the scientist on the radio)
Attention Civil Defense. This is Project X.


Cass, Maurice (1954 -- Age 70, Heart Attack)
"Mystery of the Broken Statues" -- Owner of Ellie's Gift Shop
That was a newspaper reporter. He told me to have you arrested.

"Defeat of Superman" -- Meldini
You play a strange game of checkers . . . Mr. King!
Number 14, bullet number 14, is that the one?


Cassel, Sid (January 17, 1960 -- Age 63
"The Brainy Burro" -- The waiter


Cavanaugh, Paul (1964 -- Age 76, Heart Attack)
"All That Glitters" -- Delbert Carter
Not only that, it would destroy the international banking structure . . . throw world trade into a panic.


Challee, William (1989 -- Age 84, Alzheimers)
"The Haunted Lighthouse" -- Mack
Say, you ain't the kid we talked to last night.

"The Monkey Mystery" -- Max
I told ya . . . up the alley . . . it went over a fence. I wasn't gonna chase it with a stiff in the car. What for?

"The Phoney Alibi" -- Clippy Jones
I flew back . . . but I went by phone.


Chamberlain, Howard (1984 -- Age 73, Comp. of lung and liver disease)
"Double Trouble" -- Fisher and Dr. Shuman
Ah!, there are so many Fishers in Germany, Colonel.


Chandler, George (1985 -- Age 87, Cancer)
"The Face and the Voice" -- Scratchy
Do you want to hear this story or not? Everyone else does.

"Flight to the North" -- Hotel desk clerk
Yeah, skis. S-K-E-E-E-Z. Skis.

"Blackmail" -- Bates
You mean I'm gonna fly with you?


Cheshire, Harry (1968 -- Age 76)
"The Big Squeeze" -- Mr. Foster
Dan . . . he's been in charge of my fur storage plant for ten years. You couldn't find a better man.


Christine, Virginia (July 24, 1996 -- Age 76, Heart Ailment)
"Lady In Black" -- Mrs. Frank
Gee, I wish they'd had lobsters today.


Cobb, Edmund (1974 -- Age 82, Heart Attack)
"Rescue" -- Lafe Reiser
Not a chance. We gotta start a new hole.

"The Deserted Village" -- Peter Godfrey
Ranger . . . dead? Why that's too bad. Doc thought a lot of that dog. You a friend of Doc's?


Coffin, Tristram (1990 -- Age 80, Lung Cancer)
"The Case of the Talkative Dummy" -- Davis
You set me up as a fall guy. You knew that if anything went wrong with your plans, the first one the police'd come looking for is me, a three-time loser.

"Mystery of the Broken Statues" -- Paul Martin
We may have to kill more than a cat . . . before we're through.

"Stamp Day For Superman" -- Mr. Garwood
Yes, Mr. Kent, we're pretty proud of our students. Stamp day is really their idea you know!

"Clark Kent, Outlaw" -- Stoddard
Now once again, Mr. White . . . you're absolutely certain that only you and Clark Kent knew that firing him was just an act?

"Whatever Goes Up" -- Major Osborne
This is Olsen? Now see here, Mr. White . . . what kind of . . . but this boy!


Connors, Chuck (November 10, 1992 -- Age 71, Lung Cancer)
"Flight to the North" -- Sylvester J. Superman
If there's anything lower than a mule thief, it's a pie stealer.


Conte, Steve (April 28, 1977 -- Age 77, Alzheimer's disease)
"Jimmy The Kid" -- First henchman
You're crazy. That's Jimmy Olsen.


Cook, Clyde (1984 -- Age 92)
"Ghost for Scotland Yard" -- Magazine Vendor
It's on the house. Good luck, Yank. Hey, happy flying.


Corey, Jeff (August 16, 2002 -- Age 88)
Luke Benson -- Superman and the Mole-Men


Cook, Jr., Elisha (May 18, 1995)
"Semi-Private Eye" -- Homer Garrity
All my clients are disappointed at first. They expect a cross between a gorilla and Sherlock Holmes.

Corden, Henry (May 19, 2005 -- Age 85, Emphysema)
"Drums of Death" -- Johnson/Legvoo
Incidentally, who's this ugly brute?

Crosby, Wayde (1975 -- Age 70, Grand Mal Seisure )
"Mystery of the Broken Statues" -- Pete
Say, ain't you guys getting a little tired of looking at me?

Curtis, Billy (1988 -- Age 79, Heart Attack)
"Mr. Zero" -- Zero Zero Zero Minus One
This is the antenna from my helmet. They're sending me a message . . . from Mars . . . from the Supreme Council. They say that if I'm good enough for Supeman, I'm good enough for them. They're sending a rocketship for me.


Daly, Jack (1968)
"The Birthday Letter" -- Mr. Perkins
I remember the number though. It was Avingdale 3741.

"The Dog Who Knew Superman" -- The dogcatcher
You know, you can't even run a peaceful dog catching business anymore.


Davis, Karl (1977 -- Age 69)
"No Holds Barred" -- Adonis the wrestler
(No dialogue)


Delevanti, Cyril (1975 -- Age 86, Lung Cancer)
"The Man Who Made Dreams Come True" -- King Leo of Sartania
So this is what you wanted all the time . . . to get rid of me.


DeMarco, Tony (November 14, 1965 -- Age 67, Cerebral hemorrhage )
"The Unlucky Number" -- News vendor
how about some money. I'm a little short this week.


Dillaway, Don (November 18, 1982, age 77)
"Superman In Exile" -- Fred


Dillon, Tom (September 15, 1962 -- Age 66)
"The Last Knight" -- Museum guard
I heard them talking about how easy it would be to steal it.


Dobkin, Lawrence (October 28, 2002 -- Age 83, Heart Failure)
"The Man Who Could Read Minds" -- Swami Amada


Dodd, Jimmy (1964 -- Age 54, Heart Ailment)
"Double Trouble" -- Jake, the photolab tech.
Give me two seconds in the darkroom, and I'll have it for you.


Dorr, Lester (August 25, 1980 -- Age 87, Pneumonia)
"The Mind Machine" -- The bus driver
Hey, somebody crazy just stole my bus!


Doucette, John (August 16, 1994 -- Age 73, Cancer)
"The Birthday Letter" -- Slugger
Afraid? Me? I ain't afraid of nobody. Didn't I tell you about the time I went twenty rounds with Terrible Tommy O'Toole? If that ref hadn't blind as a bat I'da . . .

"Lady In Black" -- Joe (the man with the scar)
Yeah, that's right. You know if a kid's smart he can live to a ripe old age. But if he ain't, he can get old and die all a sudden . . . just like that.

"Clark Kent, Outlaw" -- Foster
Just a minute, Curtis. Lieutenant, I made the deal . . . I'll spill it. We got no choice, Kent. We're caught. Give him the money.


Drake, Dona (June 20, 1989 -- Age 74, Pneumonia and respiratory failure)
"The Dog Who Knew Superman" -- Joyce
I'll tell you anyhow. Before he died, my old man used to run the syndicate. You married the boss' daughter! That's how you got control.


Dubrey, Claire (1993 -- Age 100)
"Prince Albert Coat" -- Mrs. Craig
But why leave so much money in an old coat?


DuVal, Juan (1954)
"Treasure of the Incas" -- Dr. Cuesta
Senor, the hole was the answer we were look for.


Eban, Al (July, 2003)
"Crime Wave" -- Big Ed Bullock


Eldredge, John (1960 -- Age 57, Heart Attack)
"Crime Wave" -- Walter Canby
He was gonna get me. You stupid fools, he tricked you!

"A Shot In The Dark" -- Burt Burnside (alias "The Tulip")
As a final gesture, I'm going to prove that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same person!

"The Girl Who Hired Superman" -- Jonas Rockwell
It's about time someone made a fool of Superman.

"Superman's Wife" -- Mr. X
Superman, this is Mr. X. Too bad your wife turned out to be a policewoman. I'm afraid she's about to retire from the force . . . permanently.


Elliot, Cecil (1982)
"The Evil Three" -- Elsa
Nobody got the money, nobody!


Elliot, Richard (1961 -- Age 75)
"No Holds Barred" -- Sam Bleaker
Now look, Clarky, don't push me . . . we got lots of business to talk over. Your boy won, and he won honest. Why, it'll be a new sensation . . . honest wrestling!

"The Town That Wasn't" -- The Judge
That'll be ninety dollars of ninety days.

"All That Glitters" -- Mr. Gobey, the bank president
Would you care to have some money


Emory, Ricgard (1994 -- Age 76, Stroke)
"Money to Burn" Fire Dept. Lieutenant
That's us . . . it's on the callboard downstairs.


Essler, Fred (1973 -- Age 77)
"Monkey Mystery" Scientist Jan Moleska
Take this, take it to America to the President of the United States. Give it to him and no other.


Faden, Tom (1980 -- Age 85)
"Superman On Earth" -- Eben Kent
Twenty-five years. Doggone, it don't hardly seem that long. No sir, it sure don't.


Fahey, Myrna (1973 -- Age 40)
"All That Glitters" -- Miss Dunn
Oh, Miss Lane and Mr. Olsen flew in for some information.


Fenton, Frank (1957 -- Age 51)
"The Prince Albert Coat" -- Mortimer Vanderlip
Your word, my dear sir, is quite a different thing from that of those two rogues. You may have the coat, and welcome.


Ferguson, Frank (1978 -- Age 78, Cancer)
"Lady In Black" -- Mr. Frank
Yes. It's only this high. Place must have been made for midgets.


Fierro, Paul (July 16, 1969, Age 53)
"The Magic Necklace" -- Abdul
May Allah forgive me.


Finn, Sam (1958 -- Age 65, Undergoing brain surgery)
"Tin Hero" -- Fingers Danny
I'm just doing a little window shopping.


Fix, Paul (1983 -- Age 82, Kidney Failure)
"Czar of the Underworld" -- Ollie
Right this way, gentlemen.

"Semi-Private Eye" -- Fingers
He handcuffed himself to me bed.


Fleer, Harry (1994 -- Age unknown)
"Close Shave" -- Lefty
Friend of your's Superman? Well take it easy and she won't get hurt. OK Harry, pick up the bag and let's go.


Flint, Sam (1980 --Age 98)
"Superman On Earth" -- Family doctor
I'm sorry Sarah.

"Five Minutes To Doom" -- The prison warden
Take Winters back to his cell. Thanks, Superman.


Ford, Ross (1988 -- Age 65, Cardiac Arrest)
"Double Trouble" -- Henchman seen pushing Jimmy into the ambulance.
That's why we brought him here Doc, it sounded fishy.


Forrest, William (1989 -- Age 86, Heart Failure)
"Beware the Wrecker" -- Mr. Crane
I suppose I should be grateful, but we're not dealing with any ordinary criminal.


Forte, Joe (1967 -- Age 71, Heart Attack)
"Superman In Exile" -- Director Adams
No . . . it can't be . . . your whole body radioactive . . . forever!


Foulger, Byron (1970 -- Age 70)
"The Unknown People" -- Jeff Reagan


Foulk, Bob (1989 -- Age 82)
"Deadly Rock" -- Big Tom Rufus
My dear young people, Mr. Allen is Superman.


Fox, Michael (June 1, 1996 -- Age 75)
"Perils of Superman" -- Ringleader of the masked criminals
Shut up you fool! Don't ever say anything about that again. Don't even think it.


Frazee, Jane (1985 -- Age 67)
"Panic in the Sky" -- Lady, with old car, who picked up Clark.
Boy oh boy! Did you see that thing? Wow. Zoom like this, then whap she goes.


Friedkin, Joel (1954 -- Age 70)
"Night of Terror" Oscar, the janitor
Well, I don't steal nothin.

"The Secret of Superman" -- Herman, the waiter
Mr White, yaah. (with heavy accent)


Frome, Milton (1989 -- Age 78, Heart Failure)
"The Wedding of Superman" -- Mr. Faraday
Put them in car, and tell Hank if he loses them, he'd better lose himself too.

"Disappearing Lois" -- Lank Garrett
That's what usually happens when you connect with a bullet. C'mon, let's go.

"Whatever Goes Up" -- Gannis
Oh, no. This time it's the whole suit.


Frost, Terry (March 1, 1993 -- Age 86, Heart Failure)
"My Friend, Superman" Spud
Smart boy, Tony. Now you don't have to worry about busted windows, people wrecking your joint, or nothing. Now you've got protection.

"The Town That Wasn't" -- Fake police officer
We have a motto in our department miss, better to be silly than sorry.


Galindo, Nacho (1973)
"Jungle Devil" -- The guide
They better find us pretty soon I think. In about three days the moon is full and . . .


Garland, Richard (1969 -- Age 43)
"Flight to the North" -- Steve
The Air Force is never going to believe this.


Garralaga, Martin (1981 -- Age 85)
"Bully Of Dry Gulch" -- Pedro
In Mexico a man would be killed for having five aces.


Garrett, Michael (July 18, 1990 -- Age 72, Heart failure)
"The Town That Wasn't" -- Mr. Harris


Geray, Steven (1973 -- Age 74)
"The Deadly Rock" -- Professor Van Wick
My theory is this. If I can get Superman as close to this as you are . . . pfffft, he faints. If I can get closer, he's dead. More closer, he's deader. More closer, more dead.


Glass, Everett (1966)
"Divide and Conquer" -- Professor LaSerne
I must warn you . . . the experiment might be dangerous. If you do separate into two, then each of you will be half as strong and only half as powerful. You could be wounded by bullets and be hurt by your enemies. Even flying through the air might be difficult, or impossible.

"The Mysterious Cube" -- Professor LaSerne
By George, you did it. Can you hear me?


Goodwin, Harold (1987 -- Age 86)
"Ghost Wolf" -- Railroad worker in the caboose.
Great jumpin Judas! The trestle over Devil's Gorge collapsed right after we
passed over it.


Gordon, Roy (October 12, 1978 -- Age 82)
"Czar Of The Underworld" -- Postello


Gray, Charles (March 7, 2000 -- Age 71)
"The Town That Wasn't" -- Fake arresting officer
Well, what is it this time? A wedding or a fire?


Green, William (January 3, 1962 -- Age 68, Heart attack)
"Five Minutes To Doom" -- The governor
Innocent? What proof have you?
Your word's good enough for me, Superman.


Greenleaf, Raymond (1963 -- Age 72)
"Around The World With Superman" -- Dr. Anderson
The finest x-ray machine in the world, Mr. Kent. Unless you know of a better one than that, it's quite hopeless.


Hale, Jonathan (1966 -- Age 75, Suicide)
"The Evil Three" -- The Colonel
The man and the boy is dead!

"Panic in the Sky" -- Professor Roberts
Here on Earth, yes. But suppose that's made of kryptonite or some other unknown element from cosmic space which even you can't handle?


Harbord, Carl (1958 -- Age 56)
"The Lucky Cat" -- Charlie King
I had to do something to cover up. I had to burn that factory. If Superman
hadn't showed up, I would have collected a million dollars in insurance.


Harmon, John (August 6, 1985 -- Age 80)
"The Runaway Robot" -- Mousey
How about letting the robot take care of them?


Harvey, Harry (1985 age 84)
"The Unknown People" -- Doc Sanders
Looks like a heart attack. It'll take an autopsy to make it official.


Hatton, Raymond (1971 -- Age 84, Heart Attack)
"The Bully of Dry Gulch" -- Sagebrush
Its a good thing, young feller, you ain't as tall as your friend. You make a much smaller target.

"Dagger Island" -- Jonathan Scaggs
Well, reckon so... reckon so.

"The Prince Albert Coat" -- Mr. Jackson
Well I'll be dang-jiggered. And after the way I've been talking about banks all the time. I feel I owe you a direct apology, sir.


Hayden, Harry (1955 -- Age 71)
"The Mind Machine" -- Carl Wagner
I . . . I never heard of Cranek. I know nothing. I . . . have . . . nothing . . . to . . . say.


Hecht, Ted (1969)
"Star Of Fate" -- Mr. Ahmed
I know nothing of its contents. I do not wish to know.

"The Magic Necklace" -- Reporter
It struck him! I saw it! The bullet went through his coat but he's not hurt. It's true. The legend of the necklace is true!

"The Tomb of Zaharan" -- Abdul Ben Bay
Our work here is done.


Helton, Percy (1971 -- Age 76)
"The Face and the Voice" -- Hamlet
It was wonderful. But he wasn''t just driving you know . . . I saw him pick up the truck in his hand. He went leaping thru the air like . . . like . . .


Hendry, Len (February 18. 1981)
"All That Glitters" -- Nick Mitchell
You mean this gold costs more to make than it's worth?
Shut up, he knows what he's doing. I hope.


Heydt, Louis Jean (1961 -- Age 54, Heart Attack)
"The Man in the Lead Mask" -- Scott
We've been on the lam for about four months . . . some of us for even longer. We haven't that kind of cash, and you know it.


Hinton, Ed (1958 -- Age 30, Plane Crash)
"Through the Time Barrier" -- Caveman
Ugh. Me-tal.

"The Phantom Ring" -- Al
Yeah, and he wears rubber heals so they can't hear him.


Holloway, Sterling (November 22, 1992 -- Age 87, Cardiac Arrest)
"The Machine That Could Plot Crimes" -- Uncle Oscar
Mr. Kelso, who is Superman? Mr. Kelso says . . . quote, wouldn't you like to know? . . . unquote.

"The Whistling Bird" -- Uncle Oscar
No wonder he's not talking. This isn't Schuyler.

"Through the Time Barrier" -- Professor Twiddle
Time. That's just the point. I've conquered it . . . with this little machine.


Howes, Reed (1964 -- Age 64)
"The Big Squeeze" -- A policeman
Grayson? Police officer . . . I'd like to have a little talk with you downtown.


Hugo, Mauritz (1974 --Age 65, Heart Ailment)
"Joey" -- Luke Palmer
Superman has ruined us. Let's get out of here.

"Money to Burn" -- Slim
You'd probably wisecrack in front of a firing squad.

"The Brainy Burro" -- Tiger
Open it up Albert. After all, we don't want our friends to get cold.


Hytten, Olaf (1955 -- Age 67, Heart Attack)
"Great Caesar's Ghost" -- Jarvis
Why . . . why can't you leave now? Why can't you let him alone?


Jackson, Selmar (1971 -- Age 82, Heart Disease)
"Double Trouble" -- Colonel Redding
Doctor, this unhealthy looking character is an old newspaper friend of mine from the States. Clark Kent . . . Dr. Schumann.

"Jet Ace" -- General Summers
These people aren't here as reporters, Mr. Martin. They're personal friends of Captain White, and he arranged the visit.

"Blackmail" -- The police commissioner
Oh you did, aye. That's all I wanted to hear.


Jackson, Thomas (1967 -- Age 81, Heart Attack)
"Stolen Elephant" Mr. Haley -- circus owner
You might say this is an official elephant registraton. It's a lifetime pass
to the circus.


Jenks, Frank (1962 -- Age 61, Cancer)
"The Stolen Costume" -- Candy
Any minute, you'll be trying to tell me that I'm J. Edgar Hoover and you're Superman.

"The Magic Necklace" -- Lazy


Johnson, Jason (November 24, 1977 -- Age 70, Stroke)
"The Last Knight" -- Sir Henry
He tricked me!


Jolley, I Stanford (1978 -- Age 78))
"The Stolen Elephant" -- Spike
Sure, we raised her from a puppy.


Keene, Tom (1963 -- Age 67, Cancer)
"Double Trouble" -- Major Lee
Well, we've got a million dollars worth of radiun, if that will help you.


Kellogg, John (February 22, 2000 -- Age 83, Alzheimer's disease)
"Night Of Terror" -- Mitch
There's a guy in there who says he's Baybyface Stevens.

"Five Minutes To Doom" -- Man who left the bomb in Lois' car
Right along here will be fine, Miss.

"The Big Squeeze" -- Luke Maynard
A guy could get killed in here and no one would know a thing about it.


Kennedy, Willard "Bill" (January 27, 1997)
"Crime Wave" -- Carton Avery, your noonday reporter
The entire nation has its eyes trained on Metropolis where the mighty Superman is battling the hoodlums, racketeers, and strong-arm men who have held the city in a reign of terror. The city jail is filled to overflowing, and those mobsters still at large are cowering with fear as Superman continues his crusade against organized crime with unabated fury. Here's a bulletin which just came in . . . Nick Marone, public enemy number three, has just been taken into custody.

"Joey" -- The announcer

Willard "Bill" Kennedy also provided the narration in the introduction to each episode of the Adventures of Superman:
Yes it's Superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superman . . .


Kent, Robert (1954 -- Age 42)
"The Case of the Talkative Dummy" -- Safe mover boss
Don't worry mister, we got a block and tackle rigged up on the roof. All we
do is lower it out the window. Come on Fred.


Khoury, George (April 21, 1983 -- Age 70)
"The Girl Who Hired Superman" -- Caspar
I no see Argonia no more?


Kibbee, Milton (1970)
"Rescue" -- Harry Hansen
Ah, the same old stuff. Taxes are going up, but Congress is viewing the situation with alarm.


Kikume, Al (1972 -- Age 78)
"Jungle Devil" -- Tribal chief with tatoos
(No English dialogue)


Krugman, Lou (1992 -- Age 78, Cancer)
"Human Bomb" -- Conway
Now I will have that drink.

"Ghost Wolf" -- Jacques Olivier
This timber belongs to Babbette. She promised to marry me, and it belongs to me.


Kruschen, Jack (March 20, 1922 to April 2, 2002 -- Age 80)
"The Tomb of Zaharan" -- First robber at the airport
Then you will leave the rest to me. I will take them boldly and quietly by surprise.


Kulky, Henry (1965 -- Age 53, Heart Attack)
"No Holds Barred" -- Crusher
Sure, Boss. Come on, pal, you had a hard day. You need some rest.


Lake, Florence (1980 -- Age 75)
"Through the Time Barrier" -- Cave woman
(Cave talk, no lines)


Lansing, Joi (August 7, 1972 -- Age 44, Cancer)
"Superman's Wife" -- Sgt. O'Hara
You can't hold me prisoner here. You'll never get away with it. When my husband hears about this . . ..


Latorre, Charles (1990 -- Age 95)
"Peril in Paris" -- Officer Gerard
Jacques Ducrae! Oh, he will never touch it. He doesn't want to go back to prison.


Lewis, Buddy (1986 -- Age 62, Heart Attack)
"Magic Secret" -- Eddie
Fat chance of him standing still while you point a gadget full of kryptonite at him.


Lewis, George J. (December 10, 1995 -- Age 92, Stroke)
"Test of a Warrior" -- John Tallstar
Fortunately my family owns oil lands. I flew here in my own plane. I was a pilot in the last war.


Lewis, Louise (1996 -- Age 81)
"Seven Souvenirs" -- Hysterical woman in 1954 Ford.
Superman, what does it mean?


Linder, Alfred (1957 -- Age 56)
"Semi-Private Eye" -- Murray (the pool hall owner)
Then go to 18 Poplar Way. That's all I can tell you.

"The Unlucky Number" -- A crook


Littlefield, Lucien (1960 -- Age 64)
"Runaway Robot" -- Horatio Hinkle
Don"t go making false accusations . . . I'll have you know there are slander laws in this state.


Lontoc, Leon (1974 -- Age 66)
"Jungle Devil" -- A native


London, Tom (1963 -- Age 70)
"Joey" -- Peter Thomas
Well I reckon I can trust a Superman.


Lowery, Robert (1971 -- Age 57)
"The Deadly Rock" -- Gary Allen
It still seems incredible, but Superman's explanation must be the right one. Although the kryptonite knocked me out and eventually would have killed me, while I was under it's influence I was impervious to bullets or anything else.


Lubin, Lou (January 30, 1973 -- Age 77)
"The Human Bomb" -- A henchman
Put her in gear.


Lusk, Freeman (1970 -- Age 65)
"The Magic Secret" -- Mr. Griswald
Magic is my hobby. I certainly couldn't make any money at only $5.00 for a complete course.


Drums of Death -- Part 2 (M - Z)

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