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Although very often overlooked, the character actor is nevertheless an indispensable part of any television show, and the Adventures of Superman was blessed with some of the very best. For nearly fifty years now, we've watched them again and again as they cause trouble for, or aid Superman in his battle for decency and fair play.

One question frequently asked is "Whatever happened to . . .?" Sadly, with the passing of time, many of them have passed on. This list, originally compiled by Mauricio Araujo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was first published in The Adventures Continue #7 (Spring 1992). Since then I've attempted to update it and add lines of dialogue to better identify each name. I owe many thanks to Tom Chenevert and Harvey Gilmore for their great help in researching data and dialogue for this page.

Now, to paraphrase Madame Selena . . . it has become my unhappy duty to reveal to you, representatives of the press and industry, the arts and sciences, those who, within the past fifty years, have passed away. And borrowing from another episode, I call these pages . . .




MacDonald, J. Farrell (1952 -- Age 77)
"The Unknown People" -- Pop Sherman
It's only a man with a guilty conscience that thinks others is spying on 'em.


Marshall, Chet (1974)
"King For A Day" -- Prince Gregory
He stands for everything I'd like to put into practice in my own country.

"The Jolly Roger" -- The first mate
Yes sir. Well, I guess the strain was just too much for him.


Marshe, Vera (March 25, 1984 -- Age 78)
"Shot In The Dark" -- Harriet Harper


Maxwell, Charles (August 7, 1993 -- Age 79)
"The Superman Silver Mine" -- Boris


Maxwell, John (July 18, 1982 -- Age 66)
"Czar Of The Underworld" -- Chief Dinelli


Mayer, Ken (1985 -- Age 66)
"Brainy Burro" -- Albert


McDonald, Francis (1968 -- Age 77)
"Test of a Warrior" -- Great Horse
You have shared the blessings and friendship of the great white bird with my people. I name you Okeecheewoygan, "He who writes with thundering machine."


McKinney, Mira... or Myra (May 2, 1978 -- Age 85)
"Mystery In Wax" -- Madame Selena


McVeagh, Eve (December 10, 1997 -- Age 78)
"The Stolen Elephant" -- Mrs. Wilson, Johnny's mother


Mell, Joe (August 31, 1977 -- Age 63, Heart condition)
"Crime Wave" -- The professor


Mendoza, Harry (1970)
"The Clown Who Cried" -- The magician
Well Mr. Kent, it's the folks out there that can really be the real magicians. You know, every contribution is the magic wand to send some underpriviledged youngster to camp.


Meredith, Charles (1974 -- Age 70)
"The Boy Who Hated Superman" -- Judge Allen
Money your uncle stole, boy. Can't you see that you're wasting your affection . . . wasting yourself on a man who's simply no good?


Merton, John (1959 -- Age 58, Heart Attack)
"The Man in the Lead Mask" -- Foley
Thank you Mr. Mitchell, but it was your idea.


Montgomery, Ray (June 4, 1998 -- Age 76, Parkinson's Disease)
"Dagger Island" -- Jeff
"The Jolly Roger" -- Ripples


Moody, Ralph (1971 -- Age 83, Heart Attack)
"Test of a Warrior" -- Okatee, the medicine man
Prepare the gauntlet. Let the warriors strike hard . . . now.


Moore, Dennis (1964 -- Age 56)
"The Human Bomb" -- Officer Riley
Please Inspector, let me take a couple of boys out on the ledge and grab that guy.


Mudie, Leonard (1965 -- Age 82, Heart Ailment)
"Drums of Death" -- Leland Masters
I savvy that drum talk.

"A Ghost for Scotland Yard" -- Brockhurst
People never understood me. I wouldn't let them. I was the greatest magician in the world.

"The Magic Necklace" -- Professor Jody
I didn't mean any harm. I wanted the money for science.

"The Jolly Roger" -- Capt. Blood
There are easier businesses than pirating, but somebody's got to do it.


Nelson, Billy (1979 -- Age 75, Heart Attack)
"The Machine That Could Plot Crimes" -- Larry McCoy

"Dog Who Knew Superman" -- Louie
You know boss, sometimes I think you don't like that little pup dog.

"Stamp Day For Superman" -- Blinky

"The Talking Clue" -- McGurk

"Joey" -- Sully

"The Big Forget" -- Knuckles


Newell, William (1967 -- Age 73)
"The Face and the Voice" -- store clerk
Well, sure if you need it. Only, could you give me a receipt?


Nolan, Dani (1923 - August 3, 2002 -- Age 79)
"Superman On Earth" -- the receptionist
I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Kent. He's not in a very good humor today. Perhaps if you come back tomorrow.


O'Toole, Ollie (February 25, 1992 -- Age 80)
"The Last Knight" -- A squire


O'Moore, Pat (1983 -- Age 74)
"Clark Kent Outlaw" -- Bennett the mine supervisor
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I'm afraid you came to Old Mother Hubbard.


Padden, Sarah (1967 -- Age 78)
"The Haunted Lighthouse" -- Mrs. Carmady (the fake Aunt Louisa)
That cousin of yours has a terrible temper.


Patterson, Elizabeth (1966 -- Age 91)
"Olsen's Millions" -- Mrs. Peabody
Well names don't matter . . . it's deeds that count. And just to show my appreciation, I'm going to give you a million dollars.

"The Unlucky Number" -- Mrs. Exbrook
He didn't win, I did. I got it exactly. Two thousand eight hundred forty five . . . and my stub is right in that little box.


Penn, Leonard (May 20, 1975 -- Age 68)
"Treasure of the Incas" -- Mendoza

"The Boy Who Hated Superman" -- The Fixer
All right Superman, so you got it. So good night. But please, if you don't mind, open the door before you go through it.


Perrin, Vic (1989 -- Age 73, Cancer)
"Golden Vulture" -- Scurvy
This is a treasure ship all right mate, but not the kind she's rigged to be . Come on, I'll show ya.


Power, Paul (April 5, 1968 -- Age 65)
"The Last Knight" Sir Gawaine


Powers, Tom (1955 -- Age 65)
"Beware the Wrecker" -- Director of the train company
And you don't run a railroad by permitting its destruction.


Pyle, Denver (1996 -- Age 77, Lung Cancer)
"Beware the Wrecker" -- Emile Hatch
Who are you . . . and how'd you get in here?


Ragan, Make (1995 -- Age 78)
"Lady in Black" -- Police Officer
He dragged me in here from the street bodily and told me somebody . . .


Randall, Stuart (1988 -- Age 79)
"Superman on Earth" -- Kogan


Ravenel, Florence (1975)
"Jimmy the Kid" -- Mrs. Cooper
Isn't Mr. Kent at home? Oh well, you'd probably prefer waiting for him inside.


Rawlinson, Herbert (1953 -- Age 67, Lung Cancer)
"Superman On Earth" -- Rozan, Leader of Krypton
Gentlemen . . . Jor-el speaks!


Reed, Marshall (1980 -- Age 62, Hemorrhage from a brain tumor)
"The Human Bomb" -- Deputy Inspector Hill
Hey, do you know who this crazy loon is?

"The Whistling Bird" -- Security agent


Reed, Walter (2001 -- Age 85, Kidney failure)
"The Unknown People" -- Bill Corrigan

"Atomic Captive" -- Gen. Barrel


Reeves, Richard (1967 -- Age 54, Cirrhosis of the liver)
"No Holds Barred" -- Bad Luck Brannigan
I hope he don't take a notion to cross us up. I'm liable to paralyze myself.

"Jet Ace" -- Frenchy
Lucky punch . . . he caught me with a lucky punch.

"The Boy Who Hated Superman" -- Babe
If there was a sucker born every minute, you took care of about an hour's worth, kid.

"Olsen's Millions" -- Stacy Tracy
Here we are Mr. Olsen . . . the secret of the ages . . . gold, gold from seawater.

"The Big Freeze" -- Little Jack
This place looks like the inside of a television set.


Reicher, Frank (1965 -- Age 89)
"The Unknown People" -- Hospital superintendent
This is not a dog hospital.


Reider, Edward (1997 -- Age 74)
"My Friend Superman" -- Teenager dancing with Ruta (Lee) Kilmonis
Hey Tony. Look, it's just the plug, that's all.


Reitzen, Jack (June 13, 1998 -- Age 74)
"The Tomb Of Zaharan" -- Ali Zing


Reynolds, Jack (1990 -- Age 83, Natural Causes)
"Magic Secret" -- Kramer


Richards, Frank (1993)
"Night of Terror" -- Sully
I don't get this, Mitch. We was good enough to knock of her husband when he tried to spill to the cops, but we ain't good enough to cash in a couple of dames. How does it figure?

"Shot In The Dark" -- Slugger
This is better'n Casey Jones!

"Tin Hero" -- Marty


Richards, Keith (1987 -- Age 72)
"Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor" -- One of Legs' men
Neither do we. Here . . . that's for keeping him honest.

"The Man Who Made Dreams Come True" -- Rutherford Jones, aka The Dreamer
It's a long drop, Your Majesty, but swift. Then I shall be king of Sartania. You first, Your Majesty.

"The Mysterious Cube" -- Steve Barton
I knew you couldn't make it. Now scram . . . and don't come back. Otherwise Jodie will pull that string, and it will be all up for Olsen and Miss Lane.


Rivero, Julian (1976 -- Age 84)
"Treasure of the Incas" -- Taxi driver
Ah, la policia, si.


Rockwell, Robert (October 15, 1920 - January 25, 2003 -- Age 82, Cancer)
"Superman On Earth" -- Jor-El


Roehn, Franz (October 12, 1989 -- Age 93)
"Peril In Paris" -- Jacques Ducrae


Rorke, Hayden (1987 -- Age 76, Cancer)
"The Face and the Voice" -- Tom (Clark's doctor)
But what I mean is, you're talking yourself into a condition that just doesn't exist.


Rowland, Henry (1984 -- Age 70)
"The Phantom Ring" -- Luke
Well, I was just waiting for a taxicab.


Russell, Lewis (November 12, 1961 -- Age 76)
"Five Minutes To Doom" -- W. T. Wayne


Sanford, Ralph (1963 -- Age 64, Heart Ailment)
"My Friend, Superman" -- Man at counter
It's not the hamburger . . . I'm crazy about the pickle.

"Flight to the North" -- Buckets
I'll bet you my half of the fifty grand that my Aunt Tillie could bake rings around her.


Saunders, Gloria (June 4, 1980)
"Riddle of the Chinese Jade" -- Lilly


Saylor, Syd (1962 -- Age 67, Heart Attack)
"The Case of the Talkative Dummy" -- Marco
I give you all the best lines.


Scannel, Frank (November 29, 1989 -- Age 86)
"The Man In The Lead Mask" -- Martin Canfield


Seay, James (1992 -- Age 78)
"Mind Machine" Senator Taylor
All right, you're excused . . . but I warn you, we intend citing you for contempt.

"Jungle Devil" -- The pilot


Sedan, Rolfe (1982 -- Age 86, Heart Attack)
"The Big Freeze" -- Dr. Watts
Right. I've perfected the one way . . . the one way to hurt him . . . the one way.


Selk, George (1967)
"The Magic Secret" -- Professor Van Brunner
Congratulations, Mr. Griswald. You're thinking exactly on the lines I expected.


Sessions, Almira (1974 -- Age 86)
"Night of Terror" -- Miss Bachrach
Well, frankly, I didn't pay that much attention. That silly Olsen boy!


Seymour, Dan (1993 -- Age 78, Stroke)
"The Mind Machine" -- Lou Cranek
Lou Cranek. The Daily Planet calls me the kingpin of organized crime. An interesting title, ay.

"The Stolen Costume" -- Ace
C'mon, it's a cinch . . . Ahhhhhhhhhh!

"The Runaway Robot" -- Rocko
Maybe it would help if I worked him over a little bit Boss . . . starting at the toes maybe.


Sharpe, Lester (1962 -- Age 68)
"Mystery in Wax" -- Andrew Dawn
People? There are no people here.


Sherman, Fred (1969 -- Age 64, Stroke)
"Rescue" -- Mr. Sims
Well, Miss Lane, just what type of story are you looking for?

"The Deserted Village" -- Doc Jessup
She might very well be dead.


Sherman, Orville (October 1, 1984 -- Age 68, Prostate cancer)
"Gentle Monster" -- Gangster scientist


Simpson, Mickey (1985 -- Age 72, Heart Attack)
"The Clown Who Cried" -- Hercules
You're my size, Superman.


Snowden, Eric (June 27, 1979 -- Age 80)
"The Jolly Roger" -- Capt. Thud


Space, Arthur (1983 -- Age 74, Cancer)
"Star Of Fate" -- Dr. Wilson
There's the answer . . . an injected poison.

"The Seven Souvenirs" -- Mr. Jasper
I've worked on this all my life, but your X-ray was the only one that was powerful enough.


Stanhope, Ted (July 19, 1977)
"The Lucky Cat" -- Mr. Fredricks


Stevenson, Sr., Houseley (1953 -- Age 73, at a sanitarium (possibly TB)
"Rescue" -- Pop Polgase
That's confiscation of property. I won't stand for it!


Stone, George E. (1967 -- Age 64, Stroke)
"Olsen's Millions" -- Big George
You see this Stacy? Cub reporter given a million dollars.

"The Big Freeze" -- Duke Taylor
Go ahead to the police, what do I care? You're the guy who built the icebox, not me. Can I help it if Superman just happened to walk into it?


Sullivan, Brick (September 4, 1959, Age 60)
"The Talking Clue" -- A uniformed officer


Talbott, Gloria (September 19, 2000 -- Age 69)
"The Girl Who Hired Superman" -- Myra Van Clever
I waste more money in a day than you make in a year.


Tead, Phillips (June 9, 1974 -- Age 80)
"The Seven Souvenirs" -- Mr. Willy
Ahh, that beautiful cape. What a souvenir that would make.

"Topsy Turvy" -- Professor Pepperwinkle
That gives me an idea. A machine to make time stand absolutely still.

"Phoney Alibi" -- Professor Pepperwinkle
Before I can telephone you to your friend in Kansas City, I have to take all the air out from in between your atoms and start you vibrating.

"The Big Forget" -- Professor Pepperwinkle
No need to be alarmed Miss Lane. These gentlemen are using my anti-memory vapor for the good of mankind.

"Gentle Monster" -- Professor Pepperwinkle
He's not strong any more. He's just an ordinary robot, but he's still kind and gentle and my friend.

"All That Glitters" -- Professor Pepperwinkle
Yes, indeed . . . he-he . . . that's the only trouble with my invention. He-he . . . to make $5,000 worth of gold, I have to . . . he-he . . . use $10,000 worth of platinum.


Tomack, Sid (1962 -- Age 55, Heart Attack)
"Defeat of Superman" -- Ruffles
How about me, Mr. King? Pretty good picture, ain't it?

"Clark Kent, Outlaw" -- Curtis
Boss, the guy's a genius. You should have seen the gimmck he set up to rub out them reporters.

"Blackmail" -- Eddie Perkins
My nerves is on edge, so don't try nothing. I'm a sick man. Besides nerves, I have high lobatommy pressure and sideways metabolism.

"Three In One" -- Harmon the Great
I explained that. I'm a respectible businessman and I don't wan't to embarrass my wife and family with a scandal.


Towne, Aline (February 2, 1996)
"Superman On Earth" -- Lara
"The Human Bomb" -- Receptionist
"The Big Squeeze" -- Mrs. Grayson


Tyler, Harry (1961 -- Age 73, Cancer)
"The Lucky Cat" -- Mr. Botts
I've never been arrested in my life, and I don't intend of start now.


Tyrrell, Ann (1983 -- Age 74)
"The Deserted Village" -- telephone operator


Vacio, Natividad (May 30, 1996 -- Age 84, Cancer)
"The Brainy Burro" -- Inspector Tomao
Forgive me, but there are very few strangers in El Pueblo. Consequently everyone is a suspect . . . even you, Pepe.


Vallin, Rick (1977 -- Age 57)
"The 7 Souveneirs" -- Henchman
That'll teach you to fool around with me.

"Close Shave" -- Rick Sable

"Three In One" -- Gus Pellini, the Human Fly
C'mon, Atlas. I like to look over a building in the daytime before I try scaling it at night.


Vallon, Michael (1973 -- Age 76)
"Mystery of the Broken Statues" -- Mr. Bonelli, owner of Bonelli's China Shop
All I'm sorry about is they didn't smash any of the $50 vases.

"The Monkey Mystery" -- Tony Urmenti, the organ grinder


Van Sickle, Dale (1977 -- Age 69)
"Five Minutes To Doom" -- Baker

"Money to Burn" -- The crook who makes the jokes
Just what it says, buddy. Me and my pal serve free coffee and sinkers to the firemen. It's a hobby. Hot idea, huh? Hahahahaha. Get it? Hot idea.

[Dale Van Sickle was also a stuntman and stand-in for George Reeves.]


Van Zandt, Phil (1958 -- Age 53, Suicide)
"Crime Wave" -- Nick Marone (Public Enemy #3)
I got news for you, Boss. Superman can't be killed.

"Superman In Exile" -- Regan
I'm just trying to play it safe. Now Superman wouldn't bother a hijacked plane if any of his friends were on it, now would he miss Lane?

"King For A Day" -- Maral
He wears the ring with the crest of the royal family. It belonged to his father.


Varden, Norma (1989 -- Age 90)
"Ghost for Scotland Yard" -- Mabel McCready, Sir Arthur's sister
You have no idea what a relief you're here inspector. You must be chilly after your long drive. Let me get you some tea.


Vigran, Herb (1986 -- Age 76, Cancer)
"No Holds Barred" -- Mortimer Murray
Same deal, Bleaker. You give me sixty percent of your stock in the arena and the wrestling syndicate. From then on we work together.

"Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor"
That was the only machine gun Miss Lane. Now get back over there and do like I said.

"Superman Week" -- Si Horton
With Superman out of the way we can get to it all right. And we're going to use that bankroll to buy us the toughest mob that Metropolis has ever seen.

"Blackmail" -- Arnold

"Mr. Zero" -- Georgie Gleep
Well, being a lady and not knowing any better, she gave it to them.

"The Big Forget" -- Mugsy Maples


Vitale, Joseph (1994 -- Age unknown)
"The Whistling Bird" -- Speck

"My Friend Superman" -- One of the three gangsters
So the dame's back in town! As long as Superman doesn't know that, what's to worry?


Vuolo, Tito (September 14, 1962 -- Age 69, Cancer)
"My Friend, Superman" -- Tony


Wagner, Max (1975 -- Age 73, Heart Attack)
"Around the World with Superman" -- Short wave radio announcer
The tourists at the Grand Canyon got a terriffic thrill when Superman and
Ann flew right down the middle.


Waldis, Otto (1974 -- Age 73, Heart Attack)
"The Whistling Bird" -- A foreign agent


Walker, Ray (1980 -- Age 76, Heart Failure)
"The Unknown People" -- John Craig, the driver of the Buick
They can't do this to me Bill. I won't stand for it. Look at the spot it puts me in. I get these people to make a 2,500 mile trip all the way from metropolis and now what?


Watkin, Pierre (1960 -- Age 70)
"The Case of the Talkative Dummy" -- Harry Green
Well, since that amazing robbery, we've worked out a system which is absolutely foolproof. Neither the guard nor the driver of the car knows until the very last minute what time to take off or what route to follow. They operate under sealed orders.

"Beware the Wrecker" -- Owner of the airline
Are you suggesting that we submit with this wrecker's demands?

"The Jolly Roger" -- The Admiral
Well, that's fine Superman. (Pause) Well, you just run along.

"The Last Knight"
We've no idea. He may be an enemy, but we better keep him chained.


Watts, Charles (1966 -- Age 64, Cancer)
"The Lucky Cat" -- Bill Green
Say Kent, how on earth did you know the floor was going to break through there?


Welden, Ben (1997 -- Age 95, Natural Causes)
"The Mind Machine" -- Curly
But, Boss . . . if we don't persuade him quick, who's gonna work the machine?

"The Dog Who Knew Superman" -- Hank
Come here, Corky. Nobody's gonna hurt you.

"The Machine That Could Plot Crimes" -- Nosey
That was friendly. Now who's going to run the machine for you?

"Flight to the North" -- Leftover Louie Lyman
You mind your business, Kent . . . and I'll mind mine. Get it?

"Topsy Turvy" -- Connie
Hey, Rube"

"Disappearing Lois" -- Lefty
Dem's my orders. Ah . . . get in the car. You drive, henchman.

"The Mysterious Cube" -- Jody Malone
Ixnay, Boss, you're spillin' too much.

"Gentle Monster" -- A henchman
What about the goil?


White, Dan (July 7, 1980 -- Age 72)
"The Prince Albert Coat" -- Mike


Whitney, Peter (1972 -- 55, Heart Attack)
"The Golden Vulture" -- Captain McBain
Aye, and this time she'll have something to worry about.


Wilke, Robert (March 28, 1989 -- Age 78)
"Perry White's Scoop" -- Bingham
You'll be well done, fatso, by the time you get out of here.  


Willes, Jean (1989 -- Age 67, Liver Cancer)
"Five Minutes to Doom" Wayne's secretary Marian
You're mistaken Mr. Wayne. We didn't destroy those reports, here they are.


Williams, Charles (1958 -- Age 60)
"Clown Who Cried" -- Tim, the accountant
I thought you folks would like to see how this money came in. From the
employees of the aquarium.

"Topsy Turvy" -- The flagpole sitter.


Williams, Rhys (May 28, 1969 -- Age 71)
"The Evil Three" -- Macy Taylor
Get rid of their car. Send it over the cliff behind the old quarry.


Young, Carleton (1971 -- Age 64, Cancer)
"The Face and the Voice" -- Mr. Fairchild
The real one . . . NO!


Yung, Victor Sen (November 9, 1980 -- Age 65, Accidental Asphyxiation)
"Riddle of the Chinese Jade" -- Harry Wong
If I searched my mind for a century it would do no good. Lu Sung has no enemies. He is the most beloved man in all of Chinatown.


Drums of Death -- Part 1 (A - L)


This page is by no means complete, and I will be adding to it as time permits. I welcome any corrections or additions. Contact Information. It would be helpful if you could site a source for your information.

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