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The most recognizable building in Mayberry is the courthouse. Here was the jail and Sheriff Andy's office. But in 1951, it can also be seen in "The Monkey Mystery" in addition to serving as the front of Madame Selena's Wax Museum ("Mystery In Wax") and the City Morgue ("Treasure of the Incas"). It's also very identifiable in "Czar of the Underworld".

In front of the courthouse
The Andy Griffith Show


From "The Monkey Mystery"
Superman -- "The Monkey Mystery"


Entering Madam Selena's Wax Museum
Superman -- "Mystery In Wax"


Composit of Metropolis and Mayberry
On the left: The Andy Griffith Show
On the right: Superman -- "Treasure of the Incas"


Street as seen in "Czar of the Underworld"
Superman -- Street as seen in Czar of the Underworld"


 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"